Grandpaw’s 70th Birthday pt. 1

Actually, part 3! 
We had quite a lot of visitors during my Blogcation all coming down to see grandpaw and celebrate his 70th birthday. This visitors be Mum’s best friend Matt and his wife Tanya and his little son Noah, who be Mum’s nephew only not really, just like she my Mum but not really. They is the only ones who actually made it for the day of Grandpaw’s birthday and so that why we blogging about this one first. 
Matt and Mum met in school when they beed childrens and soon became bestest friends, doing everything together, when Grandpawents and Mum moved north they stopped being able to see each other a lot but now Matt and his family come visiting us on hol-ee-day and they likes it here.
We went to a nice restaurant place called the Pheasant for a very English thing called Afternoon tea.
Matt and Tanya also has two dogs. Lulu, a Schnauzer x border terrorist and Wilma a Schnauzer. 
Here I doing a stressy yawn cos I did not want to pose with Lulu. Mum says since she a nice polite dog, unlike me, she kindly moved away a bit.
 Here I look happy cos I got my own way.

Lulu and Wilma did not come inside because they not used to being in restaurants and stuff like that. They stayed in their car. Even though it look a bit sunny in my piccures, it did not be sunny or hot at all, and in fact, just the week afore, we had snow (really) !

Mum telled me ‘get down!’ But TNP and Matt had encouraged me. Mum said you casnot take men anywhere.
 We had little sandwiches with Cucumber and cream cheese, salmon, and egg. Then scones with jam, rum butter and cream and cakes and biscuits. Oh and tea and coffee, but I not interested in that part. I got lots of little bits of sandwich and cake. I chose a good place to sit, right away from Mum. hehe!
 The lady very kindly brought out a special piece of bakewell tart for Grandpaw with a candle and a ’70’ on it. 
 Mum tooked the left over cakes home with her. We tried to get the recipe for the Rum butter too, but no luck.
Watch out… a sideways pic!
 Not our car sadly.

 The Pheasant be just beside lake Bassenthwaite. so we went for a little walk down to it and a swim. Grandpaw got to practice taking photos with his ‘new’ camera. Mum gived him hers for his birthday.

I is that little dog way our in the lake. Ok, so I is still standing.

 Noah really liked the lake. He liked picking up stones and throwing them in and saying ‘THWACK!’. Mum and TNP joined in. I went a bit cracker dog trying to find every stone, but I never pick stones up. It a bit confusing for me.

Wilma decided not to go in the water. hehe!

Grandpaw very much enjoyed his birthday afternoon tea. A pretty place and we almost had it all to ourselves. Grandpaw doesn’t like going places with lots of people or where he has to eat a lot of food so it just pawfect for him.

More from Grandpaw’s birthday week later!

Sorry we has not beed around much again. Something very strange going on here. I thought we be going on hol-ee-day again, but nope. I will keep you posted when I know more.

~lickies, Ludo

25 thoughts on “Grandpaw’s 70th Birthday pt. 1

  1. Hi Ludo, that was a very fine afternoon tea (although I personally am not so fond of cucumber). Please tell your Grandpaw "Happy birthday (belated) from Gail and me.Toodle pip!Bertie.PS We are all agog to know more about the 'strange thing going on here'.

  2. Hey Ludo! That was a very excellent party you threw for Grandpa on his birthday. He got everything he wanted and the table looked lovely with all the goodies. Wish him a happy belated birthday from me too. Keep in touch about the "strange things".Kisses,Stella

  3. What a perfect birthday! I think it is so cool that restaurants allow dogs inside. The only place I know of around here that allows that is "Man of Kent"…a restaurant owned by an Englishman. It's probably against some silly law, but he allows it anyway.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa! Such a nice celebration and all those yummy things. We are glad that you got to share some of them and then have a nice walk with your friends.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  5. I know he had a great time having you all around him!Strange things?? Oh-oh…. I hope everything is ok!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  6. What a lovely day out – a perfect Birthday afternoon tea for Granpaw and the doggies…super!PS..we are finally starting Tricky T-Days..Hurrah! thanks Ludo x

  7. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay that duz sownd verry british espeshly the kyookumber sandwitch part!!! mostly wot i no abowt english tea and wotnot i lernd from watching the hobbits in the lord of the rings!!! oh and sorry abowt the konfyoozhun on my blog that big furry red guy is a diffrent ludo frum yoo!!! ha ha ok bye

  8. we came back for news about the strange happenings, but you are being very quiet. almost as quiet as ms BOL! butt, that's not my fault, it's my slacker mom. how is grandpaw liking his new camera?your gal & pal, Morgan & Maisie

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