No Girls allowed!

I guess I got so caught up in my big news that I forgot to share it with you!
Well, here it be!

I moved house! Yes I did. Even though it did already be my house really I now has all my stuff’s here. By here, I mean at TNP’s house.

Just us boys together! No mum’s to tell us off, or say, ‘don’t give Ludo that delicious people food’ or ‘get Ludo off the sofa.’ Mum went to visit her friend and so I stayed with TNP by myself for one whole night!

Molly got his own room!

And we is hasing a great time…
…Wait a minute, how did she get here!!

Muummm! It apposed to just be a boy’s house and you has come over and infected it with girly things and girly rabbits!

And Girly Flowers!!

Even though we has had a pretty wet, miserable summer we did manage to get enough sunshine to get some flowers in our garden and to has some ice cream! Well, ok then Mum, I guess you can come live with me and TNP and Molly too, but do you really has to bring Faline?

I like living at my house with Mum and TNP. My toy box be behind that sofa. Hm, I doesn’t know what happened here.

Of course I has managed to be sick, or has ‘tummy upsets’ on nearly every carpet in the house, but I is sure that TNP does not mind. Every house be’s a bit better with a dog in it full time. I do not miss Mum and mine’s old house at all. We walk past it on the way to Grandpawents and I doesn’t even do lookings at it. I just like hasing us all together. Of course Mum says that the moving all her stuff over took a bit longer and there still some little things to do to make it feel more homey but she likes it too. As usual in summer because Mum and TNP both works in the ‘tourism industry’ (that where they try and make people has nice hol-ee-days) and summer hol-ee-daying time in the lake district we has beed pretty busy. On top of moving and working Mum and TNP had a couple of weekends away to see friends, so that’s why I has not beed blogging.

We still get time to do this though!

I has also beed doing more classes at school and has started agility again. I loves it and is super good at it!

I got officially diagnosed with a wheat allergy after Mum took me to a nice new vet and she stole my bloods! So we is doing something called an ‘elimination diet’ I still gets my normal raw meat food but now I is not allowed any bits of sandwich or biscuit and stuff like that. It sucks! But Mum hopes it might make my tummy better and maybe my skin flare ups too.

~Lickies, Ludo!

24 thoughts on “No Girls allowed!

  1. Oh it will Ludo! It will make your tummy feel better. I have a wheat allergy too (as human) and not only does it hurt my tummy but it makes me cranky, gives me the "shakes" like a caffiene high and insomnia. It makes me very agitated and also hurts my joints! I had it for 6 years without doctors knowing. It never affected my tummy until this year and when we found out because my tummy hurt, then all the OTHER symptoms went away too. no more joint pain, no more crankiness, no more insomnia or body shakes! Wheat allergies are crazy! but I'm glad you found it. My doggies only get raw diet, and can get "people food" too but i hold off on wheat. they occasionally got the bite of bread when i was eating it but since we dont' eat it now, they will get rice or bites of rice breads that i eat sometimes. Trust me Ludo: there are LOTS and LOTS of better foods that are even nommier than stupid wheat that makes you feel icky! Glad you found out! PS: read the labels of EVERYTHING. even some ice cream has wheat products in it!! for reals! some mayo, soy sauce (ok doggies don't eat that), but salad dressings and all sorts of "sauces" you think are safe, are NOT. even doggie treats will have wheat ingredients. Congratulations on your home!

  2. LUDOOOOOOOO – it is so good to see you again – we thought had been dognapped. WOW – moving into a new house – that is a big step but we know you will love have TNG as your dad full time. Do you start calling him TOG (the old guy) now? Wheat allergies suck don't they…you should ask you Mom to go to the health food store and get you some charcoal tablets – they really help with my tummy and there is no wheat in them – they absorb the acid that makes our tummies so queasy. I have one every night before bed and one in the morning and haven't had an attack of the frothy stuff in months and months.

  3. Correction Ludo. Every house is a LOT better for having a dog in it full time. And I am sure that TNP will soon get used to the smell of carpet cleaner…Oh and isn't Agility just the best fun? Gail is wondering if you are a 'medium' like me. (It goes with out saying that, like me, you are of course well above average).Toodle pip!Berite (so pleased to hear from you again),

  4. Can I borrow your lake some time? That is so beautiful!!!I'm glad they found out what was making you hurt. I hope that you never have to get sick again!!

  5. Hey, Ludo! I wondered where you were! Sounds like you've been busy!We love having guy time – isn't it great!?! Of course, Dave likes for Mom to be in on guy time … but that's ok. Like you said, we're all together and that's just AWESOME!Enjoy your new house!Play bows,Zim

  6. Hey Ludo!I have missed you just a little bit, you know that? Glad your family is all under one roof now and things are going very well for you all. Sorry about the wheat thing, but you just have to go without it and feel better!Swimmin' deep in that lake!Kisses,Stella

  7. Hi Ludo! Exciting news about your big move! Congratulations to you, your mum, and TNP!Sorry to hear about your possible allergy to wheat. Hope you figure out what bothers you quickly!Would LOVE to see a video of you doing agility some time soon, OK?

  8. Sure you had a great time with TNP!Boys only!… well… almost!Glad you all are doing well.I hope your tummy is not bothering you these days!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  9. I bet woo would pawmit me to hang out -I like to play rough ;-)Khongrats to TNP fur realising all of woo are keepers!Paws khrossed fur your diet stuffs – I'm sure woo will find other tasty snakhks!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  10. It's really nice to hear from you 🙂 Hopefully the non wheat diet helps. It must be rough not to have any delicious sandwiches and cookies!-Lilli-

  11. Congrats on your new house and living style. It sounds just awesome. And you like to swim, thats great. I hope your allergy stuff all gets better.

  12. Hi Ludo,We are glad you are all moved now and enjoying your new place. Ambrose is on grain free food because he gets all itchy if he eats grains. Hope the wheat free diet helps you.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  13. Hey Ludo! Good to hear from you. Mommy said that was interesting to hear you have a wheat allergy. Benjamin is allergic to something — butt we don't know yet. The vet is thinking its normal pollen stuff — we have to wait until winter to see if Benjamin is still itching his nose when it's cold out, etc… Oh and blame aliens for the stuffing that came undone from that stuffie — we always blame aliens and — Mommy always believes us!

  14. Wow Ludo! That IS a lot of very good news! And it's cool you get to hang out with TNP, just the boys…and Faline. I'm glad you're all together too..that's the best way to be!

  15. Hi Ludo! So sorry I haven not been visiting in ages – just wanted to say congrats on your new home! How exciting and we are so happy for you – and for your Mum especially. We remember when she had the horrible heart ouchie before – and so it's nice to see her finding new happiness with TNP! HOpe your elimination diet works and you can have a better idea of what makes you get the skin itchies and stuff and how to control it!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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