Be a very special day!

Yes because I is going to my clubs fun show and of course it will be super fun and super cool!

Oh… Mum says actually, tomorrow be special because SomePUP be hasing a 15th birthday.

I doesn’t think it me. And Molly only be 7…

Oh look, Auntie Penny! Can you believe she ever beed a puppy!

Mum has made her a cake! Grandma bought her one from the shop. But i casnot eat it, since it has wheat in.

Mum calls it an omega cake! It mackeral flavoured, with egg and seeds, all has omega’s in them. We also added a grated up brazil nut for vitamin e, some parsley for vitamin C and some Apple cider vinegar which supposed to stop it going off quickly.

I get to eat it now right Mum?

 She says no, but I do has some other treats, Like bully sticks, but meatballs instead and chicken feet. Just dried.

 I got a chicken foot!

I hopes Auntie Penny likes her cake!

Yesterday me and Mum went to the beach at Sunset. We has had so many rainy days. Rain rain rain and no real warm summer that Mum wanted to get a nice sunset before winter really comes. Not great piccures, but at least it not raining.

~lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Jan and the Funny Farm asked us what TNP stands for. It used to be The New Person. Then I think Ricky suggested he did not be so new anymore and so he became The Nice Person. He still that, cos he do all nice things with me and none of the horrible ones that Mum does.


17 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. When can we call him Ricky because we have known he is a Nice Person for quite a while.Happy 15th Birthday, Auntie Penny, you are looking young and lovely. I hope you will enjoy this birthday very much.Who are the dogs in the first picture? The black and white and ginger and white.?I hate to tell you but chicken foots sound nasty to me!Kisses,Stella

  2. Happy Birthday to your Aunt Penny! So nice that your mum made that special cake for her. Good luck at your show.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  3. happy 15th birthday auntie penny! how cool getting a special cake made for you!well done ludo on your show! you really deserved your treats too because you did so well! what a fab day you've all had :-)love the photos!hope to see you soon,becky & co xx

  4. Hey Ludo!!! Say Happy Birthday to Aunt Penny, OK? And the cake looks very yummy…too bads you don't get to eat it, but Aunt Penny will LOVE it! Nice sunset too. Wish your summer was nicer though! Maybe next summer??

  5. Hi Ludo and Happy Birthday to Auntie Penny! Fifteen years is a grand age and you are looking splendid. And you are so lucky, getting a cake, although I admit I would be quite happy with Ludo's chicken feet too. Toodle pip!Bertie.

  6. LudoI loved all those pictoowes and that cake looks wondewful I hope Auntie Penny had a most wondewful Biwfday!!!! She showwe looks wondewful, just like when she was a pup only biggewand I hope that TNP gave all of you lots of tummie wubs and kissessmoochie kissesASTA

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