This new little thing seems to be living at Grandpawents now. He has beed there more than a week! He even came to town with us to my Wayne’s World pet shop and he went on a shopping spree. He has his own bed, and collar and lead and food and toys now so it doesn’t look like he going anywhere.

I does not like him.
He mean, he has little snappy jaws that snap at me when he thinks I is getting food. I does not understand it and I show him my big mean teeth and screech at him. He scary! Then he has the cheek to sniff me and wag his tail and try and lick my face. Plus all the peoples think he really cute and keep saying ‘aw!’ I is the only ‘aw’ around here thank you!

Mum says I will get used to him. But I does not think so. I wants Auntie Penny back!

He comed from a nice place called Matching Partners Canine Rescue and they called him Mr. Jelly Bean. We decided to call him Rusty cos it matches his colour and Auntie Penny got called Penny cos she beed the colour of an old penny. Grandpawents said they just could not handle not having a dog in the house. Rusty has beed sleeping on Grandpaws bed so far and everything seems very strange outside in the big old world to him, he having an exciting time and I think he loves Grandpawents and even Mum quite a lot already. Until he went in rescue I does not think he got to do many things. He about 10 months old.

Well, Grandpawents seem to like him so I guess I will just has to get used to him after all. The things a dog has to do for his families!

~Lickies, Ludo.

pee ess: Happy Thanks Giving to all my friends in the US!


19 thoughts on “Rusty

  1. Oh, Ludo, this is a very difficult situation for you. He is kind of cute and your grandparents really like him. You know, my brother, Mango, never really got along well with cousin Misha the cocker spaniel. It sure made the holidays stressy for momma.We got through it, but it was never very easy for anybody.I hope you two can find a way to be together. When Misha was younger, he had to stay mostly in his crate when he came over. I suppose it would be polite for you to maybe do that at least a little when you visit Rusty's house.Good luck.Dexter

  2. Ludo – you have no need to worry – he can NEVER be as cute as you and you will always be the MOST special one to your Mom and that is important. You can share your grandparents with Rusty and occasionally even your Mom – but your Mom will always be you Mom and you are HER special boy.

  3. Hi Ludo:Rusty is a very cute little guy and I bet he never imagined having a handsome brother like you to compete with, so just be patient with him. Get down on the beach where you can run together, then you will find out more about each other. I wish my Mom would get a pup for me and she says "yesssss" but we don't go shopping. Maybe one day!Thanks for the good wishes, Ludo!Love, your pal, Stella

  4. Oh Ludo, I am sure that you will soon learn to love Rusty. he looks such a splendid, characterful fellow. And of course any house is better off for having a dog in it. We all know that.Welcome to your new and loving family Rusty. Toodle pip!Bertie.

  5. Ohh ifs yoo givs hims some time Ludo yoo will gets used to hims wee promise. It takes a whiles to gest used to each ova n da way fings works fur each ovs yoo. Finks ovs all da fings yoo can teech him, da best places to digs, da squeekiest toys, da chewiest chewt, how to de stuffs a stuffy . Yoo nose dese fings alreddy so yoo can shows RustyLovsDa K Krewxxxxxxxxx

  6. ahh rusty looks like he is very settled in already on the sofa with your grandad xxxyou will get use to him mate, my stormys nanny has 6 of them little bitey dogs and he has got used to em, he normally likes to lay on em and squish em LOL!!!Charlene and Stormyxxx

  7. Rusty is a cutie, Ludo! We hope in time you come to love him as much as you loved Aunt Penny. Your grandpaw looks like he's in love already!Love ya lots,Mitch and Molly

  8. Aw, you're right, he's no Auntie Penny, but hopefully you'll grow to like him. It looks like he and your Grandpaw are quite happy together. You're right. The date is there but it blends into the background so we couldn't see it.

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