Hol-ee-day in the Cotswolds!

Last month Me, Mum and TNP all went on a lovely hol-ee-day to the Cotswolds!
Mum and TNP has beed talking about going to the Cotswolds for a long time cos it apposed to be very beautiful and ‘English’, TNP went there as a child on hol-ee-day but Mum had only been once with school to see a Shakespeare play. It a lot more touristy than our usual places to hol-ee-day, so Mum did be worried that TNP might get a bit grumbly (he could do with some more socialisation I thinks) but he did ok.

(Mum got a bad migraine just as we be leaving home and so… she left her camera in the kitchen.. so all piccures is from TNP, or from Mum’s silly phone. She so annoyed at herself and annoyed TNP keep on bugging him to take photos of things he not think very worthy of being photo’d)

We stayed near the popular place of Burford, in a little place called Taynton. 

 image from (http://www.diamondsinthelandscape.org.uk/) Mum’s Nan taught her to think of Britain as a witch kneeling on a broomstick, Wales be her knee, where Mum grew up in the south be her bum (the round sticky out bit) and now, we lives in her breast, in fact, we be right on her nipple! BOL! (usually Mum would have said Cumbri right next to the Isle of Man, but it missing off this map, I did suggest she find a different map… but she never listens to me.) Anyway, the Cotswolds be that orange big, obviously.

We stayed in Betty’s cottage, but we did not see Betty.

Mum chose it especially cos it has a big furry blanket of straw on it’s head. I bet the rabbit-dogs would like it! Apparently that make it ‘pretty’. It had nice sofa’s for me. We always takes some throws with us that go on the sofa’s and cleaning and hair picker upper things, because Mum knows it impossible to stop me getting on them. Well those peoples is messy! It beed a really old cottage, but all nicely updated. It had wonky old stone floors and uneven steps and proper sash windows. I felt right at home right away.

I had a nice big back garden to run around in too.

 Sunshine? Does that be you? Yes, apparently the south of the country actually gets sunshine! hehe! We had a lovely week and it rained, but only at night!
 Mum loves stable doors! It had one for the front and one for the back.

 I like to has a nice cold floor under a table to lie on.
I liked the cozy log fire, mostly acos the peoples like to snack in front of it.
Mum, lovely bakewell tarts from Burford! Can you believe I doesn’t get to eat them anymore cos of the wheat? Who decided delicious things should be made with wheat anyway? Still, a dog can hope, right?
Taynton just had a church and some very nice looking houses in it. Some even had buzzers and gates like you only usually see on TV. But we could walk right in to Burford.
 Burford high street!

 The old market hall where people used to trade wool. Apparently the Cotswolds got so rich mostly because of wool!
 A pretty pub
 A long tailed tit! Mum and TNP has beed trying to get a photo of one for a while. We saw them on the walk in to Burford.
We had a ‘pub lunch’ nearly every day. This one on the first day in Burford.

 Mum liked all the little villages cos they had little independent shops like deli’s and bakers and little family run grocery shops. No supermarkets in sight! Mostly we managed to find places that allowed me, inside, or outside. Of course most people loved me and even if it said no dogs in the shops, the shop owners would say ‘oh, I don’t think he’ll be a problem, he’s so cute and fluffy!’ Of course! I got lots of fuss and attention everywhere we went!

This hol-ee-day did be a more people orientated hol-ee-day, we went to lots of pretty towns and villages, and even a city (more on that later) but we of course managed to get some lovely walks in too!

Our first big walk be around Bourton-on-the-Water! Mum really wanted to go in a model village they had there and get photos of me looking like godzilla, but they would not let me in! I wonder why?

The cotswolds has some pretty walks through woods and fields and along rivers and streams. It has beed a bit wet in Britain lately so we did get a bit muddy. But I does not mind that!

 Mud glorious mud!
 (not my lead… Mum’s walking stick!)
After our walk we went into the village and got a piccure ‘on-the-water’.
 and we had lunch. We all beed so hungry and Mum fed some of my treats to the ducks so I had to shout at them.

We did has a little trouble finding somewhere I could go inside in Bourton-on-the-water. But it did not rain and when we came back again later in the hol-ee-day we found somewhere very nice… but it beed all booked up by 60 Japanese tourists. BOL! We passed them getting off their coach and they all loved looking at me. Yes, i just fascinating. I tell Mum and TNP everyday how lucky they is to has me.

Now, we went to lots of villages, so Mum might be getting some of these places muddled up… But we also did a very nice walk which ended in a village Minster Lovell, which had these cool ruins to explore right at the end. We had lunch in a very dog friendly pub called ‘The Old Swan Inn’ where of course, I gots to be the centre of attentions! We also went to Chipping Camden and a pretty little village called Stanton.

Minster Lovell, Click to biggy.
The Old Swan Inn let us in even though we beed very muddy!

 Mum beed very proud of her self for negotiating this gate by climbing over it and not getting wet!


Chipping Campden

 We had a nice lunch in a cafe that had their own dog in the garden, it called the Badger Cafe.

I did not want to go say hello to her.
Of course when I say we, what I really means is that I looked on longingly whilst Mum and TNP stuffed their greedy faces.
Even the Red Kites got some luch. We disturbed a whole family and nearly tripped over their dinner!

We seed kestrels and donkey’s and cows and sheeps too.

Okies, I think this post long enough now… But I still has lots to tell. Come back next post, or maybe the next after that for more!
~Lickies, Ludo
Pee ess: We had some very useful tools to help us with our ‘busy’ hol-ee-day, to make sure we saw the things worth seeing and still did the things we like to do on hol-ee-day. First a book called ‘The Rough Guide  to the Cotswolds. Another book called ’50 Walks in The Cotswolds’. A very useful app on Mum’s phone called Doggy Pubs  (http://www.doggiepubs.org.uk/) and a very useful email from our friend Hsin-Yi (Honey’s person) because she used to live in the Cotswolds and so had ‘inside knowledge’.

13 thoughts on “Hol-ee-day in the Cotswolds!

  1. You took another lesson from Hsin-YI, and put in lost of photos of your food!!!! Yummy! Food photos are always favorites of mine.Everything looks so beautiful.

  2. Oh – can we come on your holiday? You made Mom remember so many things about England. That first photo of Betty's cottage looks exactly like a pencil sketch Mom has that her grandfather drew…..and Mom would kill for those REAL fish and chips and the bakewell tarts

  3. Ludo! What a great holiday you had, and lots of beautiful things to see, good eats, everything you would want on a holiday.We will be looking forward to the next exciting installment of your journey!Kisses,Stella, Jo and Zkhat

  4. Brings back many memories, Ludo. I lived in Shrivenham (near Swindon) and Kineton (near Leamington Spa)for a year when I was in the Canadian military. I visited Bourton on the Water, Lacock and many other interesting sites. I could see the Uffington White Horse from my bedroom window in Shrivenham.

  5. What a great trip. I would so love to stay in one of those cottages covered in a furry blanket of straw. And how clever of Mum to remember to bring throws, given all the muddy walks. I would love it if Gail would take me to see these Cotswolds one day – especially if she had that app telling about dog friendly pubs (she says it wouldn't be much use until she gets a smart phone – I ask you!)Well Ludo it was great to hear from you again. I have been missing your unique approach to the English language…Toodle pip!Bertie.

  6. Oooh looks like such a pawtastic holiday! Mummy went to the Cotswolds a year or two before i was even born, isn't it just beautiful!I wuved all your photo's! Teddy xxx

  7. WOW Ludo! What a trip!!! And guess what? My last name used to be BADGER! So maybe that was a relative of mine where you ate at the Pub! 🙂 GREAT photos!!!

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