Rethinking Rusty

Well, I has beed thinking about it, and as much as I is not admitting to being wrong. (That could never happen right?)

Maybe the little guy not so bad?

He sure do like to make hisself comfy.

 He not snapping at me anymore, although he still not like to share.

Sally came to stay at Grandpawents for a couple of days and she did not seem scared by him. She just shoved him out the way and played with him.

I managed not to freak out too much when he sat right on top of me!

And… I has played with him. He really likes to play chase up and down the hallway!

-Lickies, Ludo.


13 thoughts on “Rethinking Rusty

  1. You are Rusty are pretty much like me and Jackson – I tolerate him so long as doesn't get in my space. Are we buddies – no – but we get along enough to make the peeps happy and I will very occasionally (okay rarely) consent to play with him. I play with Denny all the time though – Mom says I am a Sheltie snob and only want to play with my own kind! Feel free to call him a dweeb – it's the best name for these young upstarts.

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