Oh Crisp mas time, oh Crisp mas time…

(Note from Mum, please excuse the mess, I’m fiddling with the blog layout)

I has not posted about lovely lovely Crisp mas yet and it only 2 weeks away! I has seed some presents arrive already!
I has beed doing lots of Crisp massy things though, doesn’t do worryings about that!

TNP got himself an early Crisp mas present. I helped open it.

It beed a boring lamp.

We has our Crisp mas tree up in the living room…

 Hey Mum I is blurry!

We went to a couple of Crisp mas fairs in nearby places.
We went to one at a place called Dalemain, which did not be very good. Mum casnot find her photos of that, but I got lots of attention, of course.
And we went to a charity one at Keswick. We go to Keswick quite a lot and this year it got voted the dog friendliest town in England. It very true. There so many dogs in Keswick all the time. A lot of the shops has signs on saying dogs can come in and there a lovely vegetarian cafe called ‘Peddlars’ where we go and eat and I sit in everyone’s way.

Molly and Faline helped Mum make up a present for a rabbit rescue. Instead of doing any card swaps this year Mum signed up to be a ‘cracker’ on Rabbits United forum and sent a present to some rescue buns. She had to wrestle the treats off them and they kept getting inside the hay box and chewing the paper and all sorts of naughty things.

Mum says they misunderstood the word ‘help’.

We has a really great Crisp mas present already in Honey getting through her scary surgery!! What more could a sheltie ask for? Except for presents and treats of course!

~lickies, Ludo

8 thoughts on “Oh Crisp mas time, oh Crisp mas time…

  1. Hey Ludo!You and your peeps seem to be on the go a whole lot of the time. It sounds like lots of fun for you and I want to wish you, Mum and TNP a very Merry Crispness AND also a Happy New Year.Love and hugs,Jo, Stella and Zkhat

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