CHrisTmas Party

My dog club has a CHrisTmas party every year at the end of ‘term’. It a great way to undo all the years training and we has to dress up festive. Mum decided to be a cheapskate and make my costume. I turned into some sort of chef elf I thinks.
You can see how very impressed I be right?

But the party beed lots of fun! 

Grandma came too. They has signed Rusty rockets up for the beginners class in January. I is in the advanced/fun class, he better not show me up! This my friend Skylar.

 The turkey won, but I got a goody bag too.

 Musical newspapers!
Me and Mum went out first, cos we got isolated over here with other people and Mum beed too polite to push them out the way.
 The hall decorates very nicely for Crisp mas.

 Getting ready for the egg and spoon race. You has to get your person to hold your lead in the egg and spoon hand so if you pull, they drop the egg and then you get to try and eat it like one doggy did.  Our team got sabotaged and we didn’t win.

 We did  win the mini rally style game though and the get sausages out the water game.

 We played pass the parcel too.

Then they had people stuff like a raffle and food. Grandma won a toy and gived it to Rusty. He like it.

Currently Rusty wants to eat any other dog he sees in the outside world, so Mum be a bit ‘nervous’ about how he gonna do at training. But that the point of training I guess. Except for me, cos I so perfect.

~lickies, Ludo

5 thoughts on “CHrisTmas Party

  1. Ludo, just be grateful that you did not have to wear that turkey get up! Not only embarrassing and uncomfortable, but with the added danger that you might end up in a roasting tin…Gail and I are very impressed by the smart hall where your dog club meets – so much posher than any of the places where I have attended training sessions. And talking of training, Gail says that Rusty could not possibly more of a handful than I was at puppy school. Being a scientist, she always talks about how I was "an order of magnitude" feistier than all the other pups put together, and how she nearly had a nervous breakdown (and she is not normally a nervous person) after the very first session.As if. Toodle pip!Bertie.

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