Crisp mas!

Not many piccures I afraid. Mum’s camera not seem to be working very well.

We did the same as last year. TNP’s family came to visit and so we had lots of places to go. I liked getting attentions of course. There a little baby in the family now so she does steal some of my attentions away. But she ok. I mostly pretend she not there. We went round grandpawents for breakfast and present opening and then TNP went to his Dad’s and then me and Mum went round later for more presents! We had lots of nice days with nice walks and TNP and Mum home all day and nice visitors!

I is so good at opening presents now that I can help every one else open theirs too. Even if they not want to open it yet! Mum always leaves one present to open whilst still in bed. I got some gluten free treats.

See, I helped TNP open all his things.

Grandma does her Crisp mas shopping early, so Auntie Penny had time to help herself to some of my treats.

Rusty did not even know how to open presents! He did get the hang of it after he got a very squeaky chicken in one toy. But of course, I much better at it. He be very excited and so this the only not blurry piccure Mum got of him dashing around everywhere.

My usual sitting at the dining table waiting for dinner pic. Nope i did not get to eat at the table again! Me and Rusty had Turkey wings for dinner. Rusty has goned on to the raw diet like me and he loves it.

Self timer.
Mum got someone to paint a piccure for grandpawents of Auntie Penny. They liked it. They even cried a little.
During Crisp mas Week Mum tooked Grandma and me and Rusty to walk along the Harbour in town.
Rusty liked it, and he getting better about not barking at other dogs. Mum says I doesn’t help by just barking for the fun of it when he barking. hehe!

I got a lovely jumper from TNP’s brother and sister in law and some treats from his Auntie.

Me and Rusty play bitey face and chase lots now but we has not quite worked out playing with toys together. We has had one good game of tug of war but Rusty still a bit possessive of his toys if I pick them up.
But here a video anyway.
Phew! Zorsted!
Not long till next year right??
~lickies, Ludo!

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