My new tag

See my new tag?

You might need to click to look at it better.

It the yellow one… I now a registered Pets as Therapy dog. Mum applied some time ago and we had to go get an assessment done and wait. It came through just afore Crisp mas to say I had been accepted! I has a badge with my piccure on it and Mum has one with her piccure on it too. She said she not showing hers cos she looks like an ‘axe murderer from a horror film’ in it.

Mum has beed thinking about it for a while and decided to go for it after our visit to the Cotswolds where I got lots of attentions. I like attentions and it seem to make people happy to give attentions to me.

I beed a bit nervous in my assessment cos it tooked place in a nasty vets! So Mum not sure if I would pass, but I did.

We has beed on one test visit to a care home for the elderly and I did very well. I liked exploring and meeting the peoples. I got to go in a lift. My friend Charlie from training (although he retired from training now) comed with me as my buddy to show me the ropes. It his regular place for visiting. Everyone liked me of course and said how nice I be.  It beed pretty tiring but fun.

So now we is waiting to hear back from some places so we can find our own place to visit, or if not Charlie’s place said they would like two visitors. Mum said it about time I started earning my keep.

Just today I earned it by going to the beach and getting her some exercise and then I helped her cleaning skills by leaving sand all over the sofa, so I dunno what she on about.

~Lickies, Ludo


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