Agility Sunday!

On Sunday Me and Mum tooked part in our very first Agility competition. Just a fun one, so the points don’t count to move you up but still a competition. It beed at our own club so we got lots of support and encouragement and we had a really good time. We played our local clubs of Wigton and Barrow. Barrow won. I going to be 5 this year so we a bit behind other agility dogs but we has only just got back into training a few months ago, mum could never go cos of work afore, but now she has a nice 9-5pm job we can fit agility in again.

I sure does be good at agility!

Doing a start line wait

I like it cos no matter what you does you win at the end. I win my wubba or a treat and a happy Mum. But some dogs win their lead, or their favourite bally, or just a nice cuddle. I like going on the equipment too. My favourite at the moment the tip it, or see saw. What would you like to win in agility?

Our first be a jumping round, with jumps and a tunnel and a long jump, which I has actually never seed afore!  Mum walked the course lots with our trainer Ashley to decide how to run it. I did a really good wait whilst Mum walked three jumps away all the way to the tunnel (I love tunnels!) and we did our course. I did run towards the long jump when we went past it but Mum called me quickly and I didn’t go ‘off’ course. We had decided to do a turn at jump 10 and run round the outside of 11 and 12, but watching everyone else most people tried to do a front cross and run on the inside but quite a few went a bit wrong so we sure were glad we had Ashley to tell us what to do. BOL! I got a clear round in that and I actually got a third place in grade 1-3 small and mediums! Hurrah! Mum did be very pleased and proud of me. Ashley told Mum she was thinking that I had better jump that long jump after going to look at it. I did! And I didn’t even freak out about the judge standing in the middle of the course!

here I be coming up to the last jump in the jumping course. Go, me, go!

Next we did an agility run. I did very good in that one too. Mum even remembered the course and I did my weaves perfectly, I does try and miss one in the middle. I almost turned round on the top of the dog walk but Mum called me and I carried on. The dog walk beed a bit wonky we think and some dogs dropped right off the top of it! I got eliminated in this one though cos the course did a loop where you go through a tunnel and then on to the seesaw and then the second time you go through the tunnel you go right to a jump. I is so clever I remembered we did the see saw first time so I put my feet on it before Mum called me. I still won my wubba though and got a clap from my club. I likes clapping!

Last one we did be the tunnel exchange. This like an easier jumping course, but in the middle it has a tunnel and when you come out the tunnel you can run the rest of the course with a different person. Mum tried to exchange me but I did not want to so she carried on. We got 3rd in small -medium grade 1-3 in that too! We did lose a bit of time in the attempted exchange part, so Mum said we might have done even better otherwise.

All the piccures be from the tunnel exchange. A nice man from Barrow club tooked them and said we could use whichever ones we wanted. Doesn’t that be nice?

I will be a medium when/if we ever compete properly but my trainers wanted my first experience to be a really good one, so we ran on small.

Look here me getting a pat from Shelley for being good, even though I didn’t run with her. My friend Tinks just about to take her turn. I like Tinks lots, but she just ignores me.

This dog did really well, right up until the last jump when his person threw his ball to go over the last jump, only she missed and he stopped and went under the bar to get his ball.  All the people laughed but he didn’t mind cos he got his prize.

Me and my two third place ribbons. Mum beed so pleased and surprised that we got anywhere! They even mentioned it our first time competing when they handed out the ribbons. Of course I knew I had won! I is not looking cos I thought I heard TNP coming home and had to run and look!

~Lickies, Ludo


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