Mum and TNP went on hol-ee-day with out me and I had to play with put up with Rusty all week long!
They did eventually come back though and all be well again. I got poorly ears after staying at Grandpawents though and Mum thinks grandpaw must has beed giving me wheat to make them get such a bad reaction. They is only just getting better now and they has beed back about 3 weeks! They has also beed doing some silly stuff called home improvements where I has to ‘mind out the way’ a lot. It pretty boring if you ask me! We missed a whole week training cos of my ears but I made up for it by being extra barky this week.

We is doing walking and hasing nice days too.

I found the first snowdrops of the year. or at least the first ones I found.
I wanted to show you the Isle of man in this piccure. But Mum didn’t have her camera and the phone does not cut it!

~Lickies, Ludo


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