The ‘New’ Forest

A few weeks ago (that how behind we is in blogging!)
Me and Mum and TNP got invited to go spend a weekend in a cottage in a place called The New Forest with TNP’s brothers. We had a nice time. It beed good and muddy and even though I did not really like hasing to get my feet washed everytime we came back indoors I did like getting them muddy. I does not think the New Forest very new at all, it one of those ‘trick’ things people do, like saying ‘we going for walkies  soon’ when they mean, in ages!

Firstly of all I got groomed to within an inch of my life! So I would not shed fur.

But I is sure I still left just one or two behind.

It a long drive for us so we stopped at a hotel on the way down. Luckily Travellodges let dogs stay.

Not as glamorous as my usual standards but I like any kind of adventure. No lifts in this one, but stairs is still fun.

I like our cottage. I shared a room with Mum and TNP.
TNP’s older brother and his wife has a baby, so Mum did be a bit worried but I did lots of good boy ignorings of her and only sniffed her when a little bit of her dangled near me. (Like her foot) She smelled ok. But she makes funny noises.

The New Forest has lots of animals roaming around in it. Donkey’s, really little ponies, and not so little ponies!

Mum really liked that grey one.
 We tried to get a family pawtrait

Mum also got a sparkly from TNP whilst we beed there. TNP asked Mum a important question when they went on hol-ee-day and so he had to get Mum a present apparently.  I does not know why that means *I* did not get a present though.
~Lickies, Ludo!
Pee ess: It took me so long to get this up because we had Mum’s family visiting and also, Mum’s computer takes sooo long to do anything it very annoying for her. I even had my birthday and didn’t post. I 5 now! 

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