I Love toys!

Even though I did not get to post on my birthday because we had family visiting I did has a nice time. I got that sheepbum toy in the piccure and we went to the beach and had a fun time. Mum felt a bit bad that I didn’t really get that much though and so she got me that armadillo in the middle. I like it a lot cos it honks and it squishy! TNP says it sounds like a duck, so he called duckadillo now. He has squeakers in his feets too!
Waiting patiently

I choose duckadillo!

Way to focus the camera Mum! 

Not play time? Sigh!

TNP beed watching football so I didn’t get to play with duckadillo for very long.
Duckadillo my favourite and I will love him forever! At least until I get my next new toy!

~Lickies, Ludo
Pee ess: Mum says thank you for all the nice congratulations. We doesn’t know what else to call TNP. He calls himself chump sometimes, would that do? hehe!


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