Bunny Binkies

Bunny binkies be the same as doggy zoomies, so far as I can do tellings. It when you just gets this feeling inside you what so big that the only way to express it be to let it burst out you in a quick movement.

I do zoomies when TND comes home (See the tnD, thanks Reilly for the suggestion). During the sunny weather, before TNP oops, D, cut the grass in our back garden bit, he sealed off all my exits and Mum brought Molly and Faline down stairs for a look at the outside world. They has only very rarely been outside on grass and they beed a bit wary first of all. Since they eat grass, well hay… which dried grass, as the most part of their diet I guess it a bit like suddenly finding the floors all made out of kibbles. Or in my case, raw meat. A bit dis-con-cert-tion-ing. But they soon got the hang of it and started doing binkies.

Mum says they hard to capture, she and TND had a binky competition. He won.

 I stood guard.

But then I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to go sit with them.
I gived Faline a kiss on her head. But shh, don’t tell anyone!
The winning binky shots


~Lickies, Ludo


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