Wastwater lake

A while ago Mum had a day off work, and it be a nice day, but not too hot like now, so Mum tooked us (Grandpaw, Grandma and Rusty and me) all in her car to Wastwater.

Here the piccures. Rusty had a grand old time! He getting better at his recall and not reacting to things, but it do me near a little road and lots of sheep so he only got to go on his long line.
I teached him to swim for sticks. (Yes, we know, sticks be bad and we doesn’t recommend playing with them really. I never played with one before I met TNP, but TNP has never had a dog before and he started playing with sticks with me and now I LOVE getting them from the water. Mum makes us be really careful and only get them out of the water and no chewing them up or catching them in the air. It still can be dangerous… but then, we has heard of dogs injuring them selves in all sorts of ways)
Wastwater Mum’s favourite lake. It won ‘Britain’s favourite view’, in Mum’s job making holiday makers happy she always tell them… It is the deepest lake, and has the highest mountain, and it has the biggest liar. They laugh, but it does, the village near by hosts the world’s biggest Liar contest each year.
More photos here.

Mum always says I a lot smaller when I all wet. I guess Rusty just stays the same size though. But I will always be bigger than him, no matter how wet I get!

And getting dry!
The sheep’s a type of sheep called Herdwick and they is special to the Lake District and very tasty.

They start out black and then go grey.

They likes to get in the way.
 We stopped off at a cafe in Irton on the way back.

Rusty did very well, his first time ‘being out in public’ and eating and hasing to be a really good boy. He did want to bark at some labradors sitting a few tables over but he managed to refrain.

 The ‘T’ fell off.

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