Mini Hol-ee-day to Ullswater

Arran did not come. But then, we did not have Arran yet then.

Afore we got him, a few weeks ago we went on a mini 3 day hol-ee-day, just nearby and stayed in a nice hotel called the Rampsbeck in Watermillock, Ullswater. It only about an hour from our house. We went to do walkings.

The Rampsbeck
The Rampsbeck and my Car!

I liked the Rampsbeck very much. Although I only allowed in the hallway lounge and the bedroom it be a very nice lounge and bedroom and the hotel staff be very nice to me.  I could be left in the room when my pawrents went for dinner. And they had very nice grounds all the way down to Ullswater lake.

They let us has our breakfast in the room for no extra cost. It be a big surprise for me when we got a knock on the door. I went on intruder alert, but then look what came in!

Breakfast at the Rampsbeck
I sniffed the lady and said you can come again!

Lots of so called ‘pet friendly’ hotels is not very friendly at all. They say dogs cannot go in any rooms but cannot be left unattended in the bedrooms. Well, not much point in coming if I had to go sit in the car all the time!

We had a nice little balcony and I went out there and ate my food. Mum sat out with me and ate a chocolate croissant and looked at the lake and said she felt very relaxed. The weather did not be too brilliant, but we managed not to get rained on too much.

The view from our balcony

Ullwater in the hotel grounds

I had a nice sofa to sit on. I is probably not opposed to be on the furniture, but Mum always takes blankets and pet hair removers and pet cleaners with her so we checked to make sure I did not leave any hairs or other doggyness behind.

Mum and TND said the people bed did be very comfy too!
I woke mum up to go for a little walk each morning. 
And when they went for dinner I came too whilst they had little mini foods to start their meal. TND snuck me some chicken liver parfait. Yum! Whilst we sat down here our room magically got put back in order and all the pillows tooked off the bed. Then, Mum tooked me back up to the room and I went to sleep.

The peoples thought the food be very yummy indeed! And they had been to restaurants famous for being exceptionally yummy! Mum particularly liked her pudding on the second day. Salted caramel, chocolate and peanut stuff. They must has really liked it cos I did not get any!

We did some very nice walkings. On the way there we went to Haweswater to try and see the golden eagle who lives there. We did not see him, cos it started doing this.

Mum’s water proofs has stopped being very water proof and she got very wet and started laughing. We made our way to the hide, but when we got there it be all locked up and said it only open on weekends now, so we made our way back and then the sun comed out. We seed some buzzards but not the eagle. I did not really like getting rained on. But of course I still wanted to go swim in the lake! That a different kind of wet altogether!

On the next day we went to Grizedale forest and did some walks. We did one colour trail afore lunch and one after.

It started to rain a bit at lunch and the nice ladies at Grizedale cafe let me come inside.

I is busy teaching Arran how to do this.
Grizedale be a working forest, so some of it cut down, some of it regrowing and some of it all grown. They like to put artwork in the forest.
Mum liked spotting all the art work.
Art in Grizedale forest
A working forest.
We had a very nice time Grizedale forest be very doggy friendly and very big, with lots of walking trails so we did not see very many people. Just how TND likes it.
On the third day we had to go home. We packed up all our stuff and Mum put me in the boot and shut the door and heard a click. She said she ‘felt her heart go’ and looked inside the car and there be the keys, next to me and the car had locked itself! She went inside to tell TND who be paying and we had to make an emergency call to grandpawents to bring the spare keys quick! The sun started to come out and warm up and Mum thought she would has to call the RSPCA on herself! I did not mind, I just lied down like a good boy and tried (a little bit) not to set the alarm off too many times. The very nice reception lady said it didn’t matter if it went off and she beed very kind indeed. Mum and TND sat in reception. Mum felt very panicked and stupid, she did not know the car locked itself and she really careful not to put her keys down now.
Anyway, Grandpawents came after about an hour and we showed them round the Rampsbeck and had some coffee so it all be ok. 
Rusty liked looking around and I got to go in the lake.

Hooray for grandpawents!
We went on to a place called Lowther castle and had a good walk round there afore we went home, but I will show you that another day.
~Lickies, Ludo

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