Elanmore Beach Boy and more on Elanmore!

Hello everyone! It is me, little scamp! It took a lot of effort but Ludo ‘agreed’ to letting me post on his blog. He lets me do lots of stuff. I just get my own way by beating him up a lot and then running away really fast when he gets mad at me!

My lady person, mumDee said I had to learn how to express myself on the blog properly before she would type for me as she gets fed up translating Ludo’s ideas on grammar. I don’t know what grammar is but it sounds tasty! I like to eat everything!

I am called Arran, after an Island in Scotland. I have never been there because it is a whole country away and I cannot walk very far yet. I am a shetland sheepdog like Ludo, only I am a different colour.

I am also called Elanmore Beach Boy. My first family let my new people help name me. I have been to the beach already and I like running around with Ludo on it and picking up seaweed.

People that I meet outside like me a lot and I have gotten brave and like getting cuddles, but only from nice quiet ladys like my Laydee, or nice boys like my first family’s Jack. Then I lick them and roll on my back to show I like them. But they keep on asking if Ludo is my Mum!

I have my own dog Mum!  Here I am, inside her tummy! She is called Bridie.

Here I am as a small baby. Of course I am much bigger now and my Dadperson has started calling me Medium sized scamp instead of Little Scamp.

I am the one with more white.

I got hand fed too as I wasn’t putting on enough weight

Same tugger as first photo!
My sisters Jewel and Beryl.
I was not sure I wanted to go with this strange laydee!

My laydee is going to show you my dog family because I have gotten fed up with sitting still!

-Wiggles, Arran.

With huge Thanks to Arran and Ludo’s first family, Katharine and Laura (who we’ve met before on the blog) I have lots of photos to share!

Here are his parents, Bridie and Porgy, and the tail end of another sheltie. lol!

This is Arran’s Sire, Porgy (Elanmore King’s Double)

As a baby!

And Bridie, (Elanmore Sweet Dreams)

On Porgy’s side we have Arran’s Paternal Grandparents

Grandfather D-D
Doonelodge Double Deal
Grandmother – Elanmore Foxy Lady – as a baby

This next photo is Arran’s Great Grandmother Jill (Elanmore Shady Lady) on the right (looking up) and his Great Great Great Grandfather Roly (Dalsetter D’Rothschild)

Roly and Jill (Roly is Jill’s Grandfather)

Now this handsome fellow below is where Ludo and Arran connect. This is Elanmore Jack Flash, he is Arran’s Great Great Grandfather, Father of Jill above, and he is Ludo’s Grandfather, so they are kin.

Here is Flash on holiday at 16 years old.  He is at the Rainbow bridge now.
This lovely old lady is Milady of Zeerust at Elanmore. She is Ludo’s great grandmother and Arran’s too through a different strand), she’s also his great great great grandmother somewhere… line breeding is, after all, common in pedigree dogs (and royalty ;p)

Speaking of Ludo, This is Ludo’s Mum Thistle (Meadowpark Blue Thistle from Elanmore) as a baby!
I have become a bit nerdy with all this pedigree stuff. I think it is really cool that through good breeders we can research the history of our dogs. They bigify.
Arran’s Pedigree
Ludo’s pedigree

 If you are interested you can see some more photos of Arran’s Maternal Grandparents line on Mohnesee’s site.

And just some more random photos from when we collected Arran.

Ludo meeting D-D

And two more beautiful past Elanmore’s, just because.
Elanmore She’s Magic -Ella
Elanmore Bossy Boots.

Excuse me, I have to go and stop a puppy from splashing in the water bowl now.

p.s. I’m really considering moving over to wordpress, I use an ipad a lot and wordpress blogs seem a lot friendlier to it. I even opened an account. But I don’t want to lose all the posts. 😦 What to do!

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