The rabbits – by Arran

Hello everyone, It is me, the Medium sized Scamp, Arran!

I am going to tell you something very important. All about some  toys Ladee keeps trapped all the way up and up the stairs. She gets very bossy about them, they are so very fun and interesting that as soon as I get a chance I run up the stairs as fast as I can. I am very fast and squiggly! Then I have to run up the next lot of stairs even quicker! Sometimes they are shut in their room and I bark at the door for Mum ladee to come and let them out. Sometimes they are out anyway and ladee comes upstairs after me and spoils my fun.

Ludo says they are called rabbit-dogs and they are my brofur and sisfur. They bounce around like little puppies and they have food up there, they are VERY exciting! I think they are cruelly imprisoned and I do not know why ladee keeps them trapped up there when they cannot get down. (They are like me, I can only go up right now, So I have to get someone to carry me down by barking very loudly once I get to the top of the stairs, I will not try and go down by myself, oh no.)

DSC_0068 DSC_0065

But don’t worry, I go and see them whenever I can.

At first, when I was just a little scamp, Faline did not like me and she would charge at me and try and get me with her front feet and I was scared and said ‘help me Mum ladee!’ and ladee would pick me up or put me behind her, but now that I am a medium sized scamp I am not scared anymore and Faline has ‘gotten used to me’ and she does not attack me anymore. Ladee is very mean sometimes and says horrible words to me about being something called ‘respectful’ and not chasing the toys. I have no idea what respectful is and I don’t think I need to learn it. It sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it?

All I know is that if I do a good boy sit or lie down and not a running about after Faline, or putting my paws on her or Molly (Molly does not move, if he doesn’t want to no matter what I do, so I can’t chase him) then I get to stay longer.

Here Arran, I'll show you.

Here Arran, I’ll show you.

DSC_0074 DSC_0075

“This what called ‘being respectful’ you has to be polite and pretend to Mum that the rabbit-dogs be the bosses. Otherwise you will get tellings off and no more allowed on the  rabbit-dogs floor.”

DSC_0076 DSC_0082

I can do that Ludo, I will sniff both of your ears!

Now we play Mouthy Jousty?

Now we play Mouthy Jousty?

Ladee did not like that idea. She said ‘no biting near the rabbits’. I think Faline wanted to play too, right?


They went back to their crate and I am not allowed in there, but I did manage to find this toy of theirs. Finders keepers!


Tiring work for a medium sized puppy. Tiring work for a medium sized puppy.

I really like my rabbit-dog brofur and sisfur toys. I even like their pellet food that they get at night and I try and grab a whole mouthful and run away before ladee can stop me. She can be quick when she wants to be though!

I will report more on my bid to free my toys rabbit siblings another time.

-Wiggles, Arran.


10 thoughts on “The rabbits – by Arran

  1. Hello Arran: I asked Ludo the other day how the Buns were and I guess he gave you the job to report. I am glad you are respectful to the Rabbit-Dogs, like Ludo, he has learned its the best way to be!

    Your friend,

  2. Wow we’ve never seen any of these indoors although Mom says she’s had friends with rabbits as pets. We play with them outside when we find them in Mom’s garden. Man can they hop fast.

  3. Oh Arran, I simply cannot imagine anything more exciting than having some rabbit siblings living upstairs. You are so lucky. I would make sure they get plenty of exercise, for sure!
    Toodle pip!

  4. We only have rabbit dogs in the backyard. Beckett and Keltic like to play chase but the rabbit dogs don’t like that game much. It looks like you are getting along famously with your brofur and sisfur.

  5. Hello Arran!
    You’re so cute, I didn’t know Ludo had a new friend! Is he being a good big brother?
    You’re so clever looking after the rabbits and taste-testing their foodables, I bet they’re very grateful!
    Have a super weekend,
    Pippa 🙂

  6. Arran you are being much more respectful than Katie ever would be! She HATES the rabbits in the back yard. Your furbro and fursis are beautiful, just like you! I imagine you will come up with something creative to free them!

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