Penny, We miss you.

It has been a year since we lost Penny (Auntie/Not Auntie Penny) I never did a proper tribute to her, as it was too painful to look through the photos and videos. I meant to do it for her birthday, but now is good too.

I will get back to blogging properly in the next few days. Sorry I haven’t been visiting lately!

11 thoughts on “Penny, We miss you.

  1. Any time is a good time for a tribute. Loved to see all the pictures of Penny. Especially loved the picture of her paws prints on the beach with your rain boot and one foot print. They always walk beside us even if you don’t see the paw prints anymore.

  2. Wanted to let you guys know that Bree (Reilly and Denny’s mom) is back in the hospital! She wanted me to let everyone know. I feel sad. I will look at Penny’s video…I tried to look at it a few days ago on facebook…but I was at work and I felt sad watching it too. 😦

  3. Ludo,
    Sorry we haven’t popped by lately – we thought we’d subscribed, but turns out we didn’t do it right! Sorry!
    This is such a lovely tribute to Penny, she looked such a bright, fun doggie, I can understand how you were so upset, but the photos must bring back great memories too.
    Pippa 🙂

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