Counting down to Crispmas

I is not teaching Arran anything about Crisp mas. I think it better all around if he does not know about it existing. So far I has done pretty well keeping him away from any thing looking like a present by showing him my Very Mean Teeth.

Mean teeth

Mean teeth

Because of course all presents has to be for me!

I even has to share my advent calendar!

How many days left Mum?

How many days left Mum?

Mum always likes to do christmassy things, so last weekend we wented to Muncaster Castle’s Taste Cumbria fayre. Mum bought some goodies for some peoples, sadly, they did not have any dog stuff there, but we had a nice time anyway. There beed a really big snowman and fairy and school children playing in a band. My rabbit-dog brofur and sisfur got some willow too.

Speaking of bands, a couple of weeks ago Mum and TND went to go see TND’s brother who lives in a place called Liverpool. There a place you can go to listen to music called a ‘Royal philharmonic hall’ and so they wented to that. And cos Mum and TND had just got back from a weekend away and felt bad leaving us again, we got to go!

First, we spent the day in Kendal, whilst waiting for TND’s brother to finish work. Mum likes shopping in Kendal. I just like doing anything with my peoples! Mum thinks it a shame Kendal does not be as dog friendly as Keswick. We had to wait outside some shops. (not by ourselves)

window shopping

window shopping

But we did manage to find a very nice cafe! Farrer’s coffee shop did be dog friendly, and there even beed another puppy in there hasing his first time in a cafe, just like Arran. Arran beed such a chicken and sat on Mum’s lap!

DSC_0463 DSC_0462 DSC_0458

So she could not take any photos of us inside there, but it beed very nice and ‘oldy worldy’. with funny shaped rooms and ‘beams’ on the ceilings. I only really cared about making friends with the lady next to us, you never know if she might has wanted to share her sausage sandwich.

We went for a nice walk when we got to TND’s brothers house and got really good and muddy, then we stayed in whilst the peoples went out.


Mum said they really enjoyed listening to the orchestra and singers. It be the John Wilson Orchestra. We enjoyed sleeping!

Today Mum went out and did the last of her Crisp mas shopping. I bet she got some things for me cos I could smell it in the bag so I shouted at Arran and made him stay out of the kitchen until Mum moved the bags. Mum said she seed a sign what said ‘Dear Santa, leave the presents, take my brother.’ but she did not get me it.

I suppose he ok. Mum calls this our bunk beds.

In other-other news. We had some pretty windy weather here! 

But it only lasted one day.

Although this weekend Ennerdale lake did has some waves!

Waves on lake.

Did I still go in?

Of course!

~Lickies, Ludo

5 thoughts on “Counting down to Crispmas

  1. Merry Crispmas to Mum and TND, Ludo and Arran! I hope sometime over the Holiday you drop your lip over your mean teeth and give the little guy a taste of a nice Crispmas. You sure get to go to some nice places these days and I am happy that you do. Its very cold here and the snow is getting deeper every day. I have lots of Crispmas sewing to do, so I better get at it. Cheers, Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  2. Gosh Ludo you are so brave, going in to Ennerdale Lake despite those ENORMOUS waves. It has been windy here in Aberdeen too, so much so that Gail refused to take me on a hill walk at the weekend. What a wimp! That cafe in Kendal looks just the business I must say. I am wondering if they sell Kendal Mint Cake, which I believe is regarded as excellent fuel for encouraging reluctant humans to take their dogs on walks up windy Scottish mountains in mid December?
    Toodle pip!

  3. looks like you have been very busy and Aaran is growing so fast…we would love to see his face though…have you taught him to be camera shy? Have a very merry christmas all of you…..and a wonderful new year

  4. Love your window shopping picture and your bunk beds. I’ve never seen an Advent calendar for puppers that is so cool. I wish we had dog friendly cafés here in Canada, there are very few.

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