All this Christmas stuff


It is me, The Scamp, Arran!

I am a bit confused about all this Christmas stuff. It all seemed to start when this really cool new tree arrived in the living room!

I helped!

I helped!

It got lots of REALLY fun looking chew toys put on it. But it seems that they are just there to taunt me and I am only allowed to sit in front of it and pose. I know, it is hard to believe, but I have tried taking off nearly all the bottom toys several times but they just get taken from me and put back on the tree. I just cannot understand. I am not even allowed to drink the water out of the bottom. All I keep hearing is ‘Arran, get away from the tree. Arran, leave the tree alone, Arran, that’s not yours.’ I did manage to chew the bottom off some of the stars though!

Waste of a good tree just to sit in front of it!

Waste of a good tree just to sit in front of it!

I have been a very good boy, helping my Ladee with some paper and ribbon which she seems to like playing with.



Ludo has been very excited about it all, but when I try to figure out why it is exciting he just tells me off!

DSC_0479 DSC_0481

I asked Molly and Faline, but they day they don’t care what is going on downstairs, so long as they get fed on time.

We have been doing lots of visiting though, Dad’s family came and I got to go to other peoples houses and I saw the little baby human again, only now she can walk around and I got scared and had to get on Ladee Mum’s lap!

The little human liked my jumper, it was Ludo’s present from them last year. I have never had a present!

We did get to go to our dog clubs Christmas party. My friend George, who I love and is a helper at the club offered to take me so we could both go. I had fun and felt much braver than I usually do at school, because I had my brother Ludo there!

Here we are, waiting to go.



I was not too keen on my hat!

I will keep you updated on this Christmas thing, but it all seems very suspicious if you ask me!

-Wiggles, Arran!


7 thoughts on “All this Christmas stuff

  1. there is the Aaran – we have been waiting to see his cute little face and he is adorable. The little white blaze on his nose looks like Denny’s but on the opposite side.

  2. Arran, we know exactly how you feel!!! There are many confusing stuff towards the holidays but you will be ok! Your human did a good job! The tree is gorgeous. We love it!
    Momo & Pinot

  3. Arran, You are going to love Chrisp mas. Yes, it is very confusing the first time but you will learn very quickly that Crisp mas means lots of nice pressies for good dog boy and girls.

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