Crisp mas Catch Up.

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

I is so behind in blogging about Crisp mas you all probably thought maybe I has growed out of liking Crisp mas Quite So Much. But that not true at all. We just had some people stuff going on in between then and now.

We had a furry nice crisp mas and I did not grumble at Arran *too* much. Anyways he does not seem to notice that much when I do grumble at him. It started with Mum waking us all up to look at the presents Santa Paws left on our bed. We got a little toy each. Arran beed a bit confused about why the toy inside paper and why it on the bed and why everything!

Presents on the bed

We got up, had breakfast, and set off for Grandpawents house. Mum’s sister, Auntie Tricia beed staying for Crisp mas too, Rusty really liked her!

Santa paws must really like Grandpawents house cos he left Tonnes of presents. (most of them for Rusty!)

xmass13 041 - Copy

Mum got Rusty a t-shirt that said ‘Dear Santa, I went with naughty.’ but it did not seem to stop him getting presents!

Santa paws?

Santa paws?

Of course, I wanted to open all the presents!

This one blurry but Mum likes Arran’s silly little paw trying to step on the present. He always puts his feet on things… like my head!

Arran beed really excited and did not sleep all day long!

xmass13 060 - Copy

Mum says most of the photos of me is of me trying to open someone else’s present! Everybody very grateful of my helpings!

xmass13 037 - Copy xmass13 042 - Copy xmass13 051 - Copy xmass13 054 xmass13 056-1 xmass13 057

Arran kept walking on the present pile and he took a liking to Mum’s Bailey’s and generally made a nuisance of hisself. Apart from everyone kept saying ‘aw, how cute!’

After a very yummy dinner we went back home and then we went to TND’s Dad’s house and we got even more presents! Mum says everyone really spoils us rotten!

Here all that we got. ‘Scuse the white eyes, Mum’s camera still broken.

All these is ours!

The next day we had people round our house. We beed on our best behaviour and Mum got to try out some of her new food showing off presents.

Mum also got a wormery. Arran helped Mum put it together. She thinks he ate one. He told me he did and it beed ok.

So that beed my Crisp mas! And Arran’s Crisp mas too! Molly and Does not care about Crisp mas. They just like it to be quiet and the same all the time and not all exciting and busy.

Other than that it beed super windy and rainy and my poor beach has beed really battered. I will post about that next!

~Lickies, Ludo!




7 thoughts on “Crisp mas Catch Up.

  1. Wow! So many presents! So much wrapping paper to shred. You and Arran and Rusty are lucky guys for sure.
    But boo hoo about the weather and the beach.
    Toodle pip!
    Ps On my blog today there is a post all about our mutual friend Stella!

  2. What a great Christmas you had, your whole family! Except for those who wanted things to be quiet!

    You must be mostly good dogs, you, and Arran and Rusty, to get those heaps of presents!


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