Mean old sea

These past few weeks we has had some storms in the UK. We has not had any bad flooding like other places so we is very lucky really. We did get some very bad winds up to 85 mph and me and Arran did not like it at all and Arran refused to do his poos outside and started doing them inside but he has mostly gotten over that now. We also had something called a ‘spring high tide’ and the sea has beed pretty mean to us and we lost some of our coastline what makes us ‘Seaside Shelties’.

Mum tooked a little video of the high tide.

DSC_0691 DSC_0695 DSC_0698 DSC_0707

Can you see the big hole in the corner of my piccures, just where the prom ends? It has been fenced off now. It at least as deep as Mum.

The high tide pushed all the stones about so we didn’t has any sand for a while and it left behind lots of rubbish.

DSC_0002 DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0008

Some of the villagers organised a beach clean up. I did not help cos I does not has hands.

The sea chomped away parts of the cliffs… We usually do a walk starting over at that building (the beach shop) and all the way along the cliff tops to the other side of the beach. Only, it beed closed off at both ends now, we not sure if or when it will come back. Mum says ‘they’ will has to move the path in, since it vanished into the sea and that depends on if the golf course lets them.

Horrid old sea! It really a lot of fun to dash along the coastal path up and down and scare Mum by going really close to the edge and of course I has never tried to push Arran off the edge, oh no. Plus we always take our favourite photos up there. We walked along the bottom to do assessings of the damage.


Not too bad…DSC_0004

oh oh, if you makes this bigger you might see the fence posts trailing in the air. They used to be a couple of feets back.DSC_0009

Some wild bunnies lived in this bit. We always encountered tourist dogs who had abandoned their people in order to chase them. Mum got worried for them. All that grass and mud used to be up the top.DSC_0010

Yoohoo, anyone alive in there?DSC_0011 DSC_0012


Arran did not be the least bit bothered. Whilst me and Mum inspected he ran off to say hello to some cocker spaniels and decided to take his own merry little Scamp way back. Mum put him back on his lead for a little while. He becoming a real teenager and arguing with Mum, which of course, I did not/do not ever do. Except for when she not paying me attentions or doing training things right.

He did find something cool, but Mum said we could not keep it.DSC_0013

Mum says we must just think like Annie.DSC_0014


I does not know who that be so I will just keep on thinking like Ludo. So long as we has nice places to walk and good treats to eat and I can smother my peoples with love, the sun’ll come out tomorrow!

Hi Mum!

Right Mum?!

~Lickies, Ludo!


15 thoughts on “Mean old sea

  1. That all looks very scary to me. We quite often have high winds, up in the 55 mile an hour range, and Stella hates them. I think she gets too many different scents and gets confused. I hope we are not going to have a summer filled with storms, like this winter. I was good to see your report , Ludo, and I was glad to see all the pictures too.

  2. In the US, there would be lots of tv weather people standing as close as possible to those waves, hanging on for dear life, as they report the weather. Do they do that there, or are americans the only idiots?

    I hope Annie is on to something. We sure could use some sunshine here too.

  3. that looked like some wild and woolie weather – and yikes – it looks like the Chuckie doll washed up – better watch out for that one. Love that last photo of Mr Ludo – he is adorable 🙂

  4. What a storm! I hope ‘they’ manage to get your favourite path fixed soon. The photos are terrific! I loved the first two especially!

  5. Ludo, you know I don’t think the sun is ever going to come out again in Aberdeen. I think it is going to rain and rain for ever, at least that is how it seems just now.
    Oh and Gail and I think that ‘not having hands’ is no excuse at all for not helping with the beach clean up. You have a perfectly good mouth don’t you? I am surprised that Stella did not have something to say to you about this.
    Oh and we think you might have conveniently forgotten about being a teenager yourself…
    Toodle pip!

  6. Oh those are fantastic photos! Our ocean gets mad like that sometimes too but mom won’t take us to see the big waves… Our most favouritest photo was the dolly on the beach… did you take her home? She looks like she’d be tons of fun!

    Sam and Pippen

  7. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is sum skarry meen oshun stuf wot happend their!!! i am alreddy skayrd of the oshun heer and owr oshun duznt ever behayv as badly as yores!!! pleez stay wel away frum it until it has relaksd a bit!!! ok bye

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