Wilmslow Agility show

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

At the show

A couple of weekends ago me and Mum (and Grandpaw) went to an indoor agility competition run by Wilmslow dog training club. Mum asked Grandpaw to go with us because she a big chicken and gets scared going new places by herself (she probably a sheltie type of people) and it gives Grandpaw something different to do. Grandpaw said he had fun. It my 4th show I entered and my 2nd indoor one.


We had a nice time. Lots of my friends from my club went too so it helped Mum be more relaxed, we did very well as a club and one of my friends even got a 1st! I didn’t get eliminated once, which makes a change from my 3 eliminations at my last indoor show. I still got some points for refusals though, I has to keep Mum on her toes! And I didn’t even leave the rings at all! I is really good at doing the agility parts of agility, I like going on the things called contacts so I tries to go to them whenever I can. For some reason Mum likes me to do the course in a certain order that she must has decided in her head so to be a nice dog I does try to listen to what she says but sometimes she not clear enough to make me want to do what she says.

I got two of those ribbon things that Mum likes. I did not really want them stucked on me though.

I got a second in grade 1 agility (on a 1-3 course) and I got a rosette for a clear round. Mum made sure to pick one up cos she forgot to get me one at West lakes show.

Grandpaw recorded 3 of my runs but on one of them he just recorded the floor so I doesn’t think you want to see that one.

Agility graded 1-3 (Mum note: Ludo got his 2nd place in this one, only 3 grade 1’s didn’t get e’d and no one went clear so I was extra proud of us, I took photos of the score sheet sheets, i’ve tried to blur out other names.)


Agility combined graded 1-3. We like this judge, he overlooked some of my twiddles. (Mum note: One of my fellow club members pointed out that he was ‘kind’ to us here, but I figure he’ll be judging everyone the same and it’s nice for them to ease up on us beginners a bit and I guess it depends on how the rules are interpreted. A different person said that on the previous run we’d been marked tough on the weave refusal so I guess it all evens out in the end, I’ll still take the clear. 😉 )


This jumping graded 1-3.

I went pretty fast here, if I hadn’t got those 10 faults I woulda beed a fast time!


And the last one which Grandpaw did not record, only 5 faults but not so speedy.scoresheet4

When be our next show Mum?

Mum says she going to Crufts soon so will get to watch lots of agility, which she will be doing postings all about. Only I does not get to go!! Not fair!

~Lickies, Ludo

10 thoughts on “Wilmslow Agility show

  1. I don’t know much about agility, but I think that one day before too long you are going to be excellent at it. I think maybe you need to concentrate a little more on what Mum is telling you. You did well on these events and I am so happy to see what you are doing. Good dog, Ludo! Your ribbons are beautiful!

    Your pals,

    Stella, Jo and Zkhat

  2. Oh thanks for posting these videos. It reminds me of the fun Penny and I had when we were both younger. I was never any good at remembering which way Penny was supposed to go, but I think she would have done well with a better trainer, lol.

  3. You did really well, Ludo! Clear runs are always good. And yes things do even out. My Ceilidh got a Masters Jumpers Q with a knocked bar either the scribe or scorekeeper missed it. When I asked what I should do, a lady told me to take it as there was sure to be a day when I got called on a missed contact when I had actuall hit it.

  4. Wow Ludo, I am super impressed by those videos. You were fairly flying over the jumps. Of course, all us pups are held back by our humans and their occasionally hard to interpret instructions (in Gail’s case, one would say downright confusing and/or confused), but what can one do? Send them off for extra training perhaps?
    Toodle pip!

  5. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay grayt job at the adjility!!! sinse my reetirement frum flyball due to my nervus kondishun adjility has ben my thing too it is grayt eksersize and grayt fun and i definitly sleep wel after evry praktiss!!! ok bye

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