Scamp Attack!

Hello, it is me, every bodies favourite scamp, Arran!



I am very grown up now and I think I know pretty much everything there is to know! I am standing in the middle of what my Mum Ladee calls a ‘Scamp attack’.

No stuffie is safe.

No stuffie is safe.

That is when I am feeling really energetic and I can only let it out by destroying something, or trying to get everyone to play with me! Barking non stop at my Dad and Ludo usually works pretty well! I am especially good at being annoying.

sc10 sc7 sc6Just like this.

sc5 sc4

Ludo does not play for long before he says I am being too boisterous and he jumps on the sofa.


I can ALMOST reach the sofa and if I jump I can hit Ludo and bite his feet and annoy him some more and then he will sometimes  chase me. Being chased is my most favourite game, or maybe biting Ladee’s feet, or chasing the broom. Ladee says I am a land shark. Did you know I almost got called Sharkie, because I have a white tip to my tail? I am a very good shark.

I am also very good at chasing away intruders. Especially those people who come right near our window with a big beepy car and take our wheelie bin.

One thing I do not know is how to not go in the car. I do not like the car as it makes me feel sick but Ladee keeps on making me go in it. Sometimes when I know I am going to go in the car I try and run and hide behind my Dad’s legs so Ladee cannot get me, but she always does! Sometimes Dad comes too. We do go fun places like agility in the car but I wish we could just walk there instead. I think I am very good at doing agility. I do not need Ladee to help me and tell me what to do. Once she has shown me once or twice and given me a treat for getting it right, I can do it myself thank you very much and I do not like if I do not get a treat after I have done something by myself. I like to figure things out myself.

I am getting better at winning tug of war.

sc8 sc9


Ladee says I am cheating because I lie down, but I do not know what cheating is, even though I do know most things now.

I know how to get cuddles and strokes and be given socks to chew up just by looking adorable! That the best kind of Scamp Attack because it make everyone happy.

-Wiggles, Arran!




15 thoughts on “Scamp Attack!

  1. Hi there Arran, you most certainly know almost everything, I would say. Certainly everything about being a Scamp. Maybe the problem with the travelling is not you but the car. Have you considered demanding a new vehicle? Personally, I like the look of those Range Rover jobs…
    Toodle pip!
    PS Why is Gail saying “in your dreams Bertie”?

  2. Oh you made us laugh with the annoying barking! I agree with Dawn, all Shelties are crazy but that’s why we love them! Dakota doesn’t like the car either, he will only sit on the floor there 😦

  3. Arran, I think you and Keltic would get along like thieves. He likes to bark and be chased too. He also doesn’t care much for the car and it’s quite a game to get him on his leash when he knows a car ride is in his future.

  4. hello arran its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo shoor ar a scamp!!! to parafrase the faymus minstrel michael jackson dont stop barking til yoo git wot yoo want!!! ha ha ok bye

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