Crufts – Day 1, shelties and collies.

Today was the turn of the pastoral and working groups. Some of my favourite breeds are in these groups, so I spent quite a bit of time fawning over various breeds and talking to their owners.

Here’s some pics. I’ll prewarn you, I was a bit biased towards the pastoral breeds. I wonder why?

(This pic was edited on the 9/03/14 to add more pics)

image image imageI got wonderful cuddles from this guy. He was called Jontygray Evening star at Ketin.




there were of course, lots of the best breed ever, shelties!



Love the judge’s attire, very appropriate for a Scottish breed hey?

shel2 shel3 shel5

and rough collies. All getting treats.





Another judge with snazzy shoes!





I met up with Arran’s first family whilst there, Katharine, Laura and Jack, who came with their friend Geoff, he was showing the gorgeous Buddy, a rough collie. I think Buddy placed fourth in his category. Well done!

And smooth collie.






I really like the smooth collie, sorta because I am looking around the trade stands at all the gorgeous collars you can buy that would just be hidden in a sheltie, or rough collie’s fur. Plus the smooth collie is woefully on the vulnerable breeds list! I visited them at the Discover dog’s section too, they are a British Heritage breed and up close are utterly lovely.

I’m going to spend some time tomorrow trying to meet some more vulnerable breeds at discover dogs.

This post was going to be covering lots more breeds, but my ipad seems to only upload one pic at a time and I need sleep, so I’ll save it for next post.

Today the pastoral winner was a samoyed and the working group a rottweiler, I look forward to seeing how they do in the BIS!


6 thoughts on “Crufts – Day 1, shelties and collies.

    • Sure I’ll unattach the name, if you give me a. Description of who she is I’ll have the correct pic some where in my camera as I only wrote down the names given to me when I took close ups.

      • Hmm she is sable and white, little white on face, probably on a grooming table.

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