Crufts first impressions


Ladee/Mum here… Firstly, it feels a bit weird blogging as myself!

I’m here at Crufts, today i’ve just been absorbing the atmosphere and getting my bearings. I get lost really easily, the NEC is big with many halls and there are market stands in each which make you feel a bit like you’re in the same place each time. Thebig signs help, but buy a guide and a map if you’re at all spacially challenged.


It’s pastoral and working groups today, so there were lots of breeds I wanted to meet.

lots of shelties.


don’t tell Ludo and Arran!

All the owners and exhibitors have been very friendly and willing to get their dogs to pose. There are lots of charitable organisations here and I was really pleased with how much the Kennel Club is focusing on the health of all these wonderful breeds pledging 1.6 million pounds to the kennel club’s various health schemes, such ad the genetic centre and cancer centre at the animal health trust. Which should really help understand and eliminate some of the inherited diseases out there.


As well as meeting lots of breeds i’ve done a little shopping and watched some agility and heelwork to music freestyle.

Being in the arena after watching it on TV for so many years is very cool! How the competitors keep their nerve I don’t know, of course the dogs are all excited and happy and seem to care less that they are being watched by hundreds of people!


Here’s the freestyle finalists waiting to find out who won. I’ll tell you in a different post.

Right now I am feeling a bit like this…


so i’m off to get some food, if I can decide which food stall to go to!


5 thoughts on “Crufts first impressions

  1. Thank you for taking us to Crufts with you! I can see where it might be a bit confusing. Do they run the show like our big shows, Choose a breed winner and then toss them together for a Best of Show winner? How long will you get to stay?

    Looking forward to your next report, Dee.


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