Crufts, day 2 highlights

Day two is Terriers and Hounds. I spent a bit less time in the breed rings today and more checking out the other activities and meeting some dogs on Discover dogs. it’s been a good day and more relaxing than yesterday.

I don’t have much time to sort through the pics, but here’s some of my highlights of today.
Starting with this ‘Bertie’. various organisations had stands with rescue dogs in. The wirefox terrier rescue group had about 3 dogs there and this chap was called Charlie.


a Wire fox terrier just won the group judging! Can you believe how big Bertie’s head is gonna get! I don’t mind, since he really was a handsome chap.

Hey, this airedale is called Molly, and she likes icecream!



The agility teams lap of honour. I’ve seen some of the winning team, the cornforth crackers competing before, well done guys!20140307-191019.jpg


Activity rings demo. Who says huskies are stubborn?20140307-191028.jpg


olympic gold medal long jumper Greg Rutherford supporting the Lungworm awareness campaign.20140307-191036.jpg


The kennel club good citizen Gold award display team.20140307-191044.jpg



Richard Curtis freestyle demo.20140307-191051.jpg


and a staffie that wanted into the YCK agility demo.20140307-191057.jpg


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