Crufts Day 2 – Terriers & Hounds

First of all ‘Hello!’ to everyone reading my Crufts posts. I’m getting a lot of new views, so welcome strangers and to our regular friends, I hope you’re enjoying/not bored and don’t worry about missing posts/commenting as I’ve got lots of photos to get through!

Back to day two (Friday) at Crufts which was the Terrier and Hound groups.


The glamourous Afghan hound


Molly the ice cream Airedale from a previous post in close up.

th3 th4

The Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier owners obviously have a keen sense of fun, a lot of them had these little miniatures made out of fur.th5

Gosh, terriers are so attentive to their handlers. 😉 or other dog’s handlers, same difference.


I’m not convinced these dogs are hounds, but it was nice seeing them relaxing/walking all over their people.th7


Another elegant hound, the borzoi.

Hounds are just so energetic.th9 th10 th11 th12

Just for Jo and Stella. This is Agatha.

agathascottie agscot

And… The best terrier of the day, In my opinion at least. Our blog/facebook friend George!

th7George is the first blogger friend ‘I’ have met in real life. I know Ludo will be really annoyed that I met someone before he did. It was really fun meeting George and his secretary/Mum and thank you for all the advice! George has much better pics of himself on his Facebook but you’ll need to be a friend of his on there to see them.

In the meantime, Grandpawents report that another little terrier is getting beaten up by one Little Scamp. Don’t mind the mess, the little balls of stuffie and chewed up TND socks seem to be a new permanent feature in my house.




5 thoughts on “Crufts Day 2 – Terriers & Hounds

  1. Hi Dee, lovely to meet you after all these years, If we are ever up your way we’ll be in touch. Great reports from Cruft’s Love from the Bells xxx

  2. Thanks a bunch for the beautiful pic of Agatha! She is just lovely and I just itch to have another Scottie, but its not likely at all!

    Jo and Stella

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