Crufts – Day 3, Toy and Utility

Crufts is over now, (boo!) but I still have lots of photos to get through! Day 3 was my last day (so there wont be lots of pics of gundogs from day 4, unfortunately) I could only stay half a day, but it was the turn of the toy and utility breeds. More utilities than toys, mostly cos that’s where I was walking through. Plus, I love the variety in the utility group! I did meet some cute little toys though.


Richard Curtis (or his feet at least) who danced with Mary Ray and Levi before Best in Show



Actually, this could be a lhasa Apso and I think they’re in utility and not toy!


I always used to wonder what exactly ‘utility’ meant in terms of dog breeds. I think of it as the dogs that don’t fit anywhere else. The Kennel Club says the utility group is dogs bred for a specific, but non sporting or hunting purpose and indeed, this year the Kooikerhondje got moved from gun dog to utility as although it was used to hunt ducks, it was used to attract them instead of help hunt them. It also seems that breeds like the bulldog and poodle, who originally had one purpose but no longer ‘work’ are in this group too. It fascinates me reading their origins.

I’ll admit, I love a specific type of dog. I like them with a stick out muzzle and preferably to be fluffy (no surprises there). I’m not fond of brachycephalic breeds, for mostly ‘my taste’ reasons but also for the health implications that seem to follow. Breeds that are particularly popular like pugs and bulldogs, I just don’t ‘get’. Bulldogs as a breed (and many other breeds) have a long way to go before they could be deemed anywhere near ‘healthy’ and a large part of that change needs to come from people not desiring them to look as they currently do.

However, I can be won over by most any dog and this guy was so adorable. He barrelled in to me and demanded scritches on his back. I can totally see why people like them so much. He was on the discover dogs stand and doing a really good job being an ambassador for his breed and his stand talked a lot about health and breeding programmes.


Now back to some fluffies.


It takes a lot of work to be a show poodle!









Beautiful dog with a ‘what you looking at’ expression. lol!




toyut3Loved this owner!
I adore poodles, a breed that many people just don’t ‘get’.

Of course Ricky the poodle won Best in Show and has generated a lot of interest in his ‘do. I do wish they didn’t poof them up quite so much, if only because so many of the dogs (not just poodles) looked a bit bored, they really clearly love being in the ring, strutting their stuff, but I bet not many love the endless grooming.

5 thoughts on “Crufts – Day 3, Toy and Utility

  1. I don’t “get” the poodles with the fancy dos. We used to have a dear little poodle years ago, whom we just kept cut short and cute, and she was a real picnic to be around, all the time. But the terriers are my favorites, the scotties, mini schnauzers,rat terriers, tough little guys who think the world is their oyster. I like a Ludo dog very much too, as well as a Bertie dog, I also love the easy going dog I have now, Lab and Spaniel mix, my Stella girl. Oh, Ok maybe I love ’em all. Glad you got to the big show and glad you took us along, Dee.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  2. I too, don’t understand the “utility” group. If those dogs were in that group which were in pictures, that is O_o I know nothing about the groups and shows overall but I would still definitely put them in other groups like Akita, Shiba Inu, Keeshond, Bernese Mountain Dog, Dalmatian etc. and maybe Poodle too. But I do understand the Pekingeses and Chow Chows to be in that group.


  3. Lovely pictures. I too like my dogs to be a healthy shape. Although I still don’t ‘get’ poodle hairdos I can see that under all the frou frou it is a generally healthy and intelligent breed with a good temperament. And I must say there was nothing that my sister-in-law’s first poodle Izzy liked more than standing there being endlessly brushed and pampered.
    But did I see a white schnauzer amongst the photos? I am only wondering because of the encounter that Bertie and I had with a rather snooty white schnauzer owner, as reported in :
    Cheers! Gail.

    • Gail,
      It is indeed a white Schnauzer. I was unaware of the origins but there were quite a few there, so they must be an accepted colour now! I did say to the lady, oh I didn’t know they came in white, but she just said ‘yes they do’ as you can see, even the dog is giving me an ‘are you stupid’ look.

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