Dancing and ‘Discipline’ – at Crufts!!

Still Dee here, sorry! Two of the bigger activities at Crufts are the obedience and the various levels of ‘dancing’; heelwork to music, freestyle etc.


The obedience ‘holding’ area. I loved seeing everyone’s cards and messages of support. What a great community.

Competitive obedience has it’s own ring and it was often busy at the sides and so I didn’t get any photos. There were displays in the activity ring and I did watch the Good Citizen special pre beginners obedience. The Good citizen scheme is one open to all dogs, and is described as the kennel club as being for ‘Domestic Obedience’. Ludo has his bronze and silver awards.

One of my dog club fellow members had qualified for the pre beginners with her dog Snoopy and I went and cheered her along. The Good Citizen competitions are designed as a bit of an introduction to competitive obedience and they make sure that ‘ABC’ (non collie) dogs get through so it was lovely to see so many different breeds taking part. They all did really well and I can’t imagine how nervous their owners must have been! The test involved most of the things from the bronze award: heelwork, recall, playing with your dog, examining it as though you were a vet and going safely through a ‘gate’.


Mel and Snoopy

melsnoop gc3 gc2 GC1

Then there is the dancing!

I managed to catch the end of the freestyle final and saw the wonderful Richard Curtis with his dog Whiz. They won and went on to represent Britain in the international rounds! I also managed to see Richard do a demonstration in the Good Citizen ring too, I’d love to go to a training day. All the competitors came up with great, imaginative routines, but Richard’s just flowed so well!



Richard and Whizzy



dance1dance2 dance6Lap of honour!

he Kennel Club has recently revised the K9 freestyle rules to improve safety for the dogs. You can no longer do a front ‘handstand’ or be on the back legs for longer than 30 seconds and no high vaults from shoulders etc and no lavish costumes on the dogs. So it means the competitors have really had to think about the routines and not just ‘flashy’ tricks. I loved watching them all perform!

I also watched a couple of demo’s in the activities ring, including this fun one. Again, showing any breed can do just about anything!

dance8 dance7 dance9dance10And a sheltie demonstrating some heelwork to music, which is a lot more structured than the freestyle.

One thing that really pleased me about Crufts was that there really was a lot of emphasis on pet owners and what we can do with and achieve with our dogs on a personal, and competitive level. A lot of people criticise the club as an organisation, thinking they are promoting bad breeding for monetary gain, but I do think they are trying hard to encourage, as their slogan says, ‘Healthy, Happy dogs.’


3 thoughts on “Dancing and ‘Discipline’ – at Crufts!!

  1. Crufts and The Kennel Club does have some bad reputation, but in my opinion, it’s not (entirely) their fault. It’s the bad owners who doesn’t follow the “healthy, happy dogs” slogan. They just breed the dogs to make them “look good” and just want to earn awards and get much money off of their trophy dogs 😦 It’s very hard to supervise every breeder, but it would be much needed, so the bad reputation wouldn’t spread to responsible breeders and organizations.


  2. hello shelties its dennis the vizsla dog hay those dogs and there peepul luk like they ar having a reely gud time!!! i no mama and dada ar fans of dansing and why shood the hyoomans hav all the fun??? ha ha ok bye

  3. This all looks like so much fun! I believe any breed can do anything too! And most dogs would benefit from this kind of relationship with their person. Glad you had fun!!!

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