It is me, Big Scamp! That’s right, I am big now, 16 months old. I am still a puppy though, because my Mum, ladee says I am.

I am a very helpful puppy. I like to help with the cleaning…

Helping wipe my paw prints off the wall by the ‘window I like to look out of and bark at things from’.

DSC_0177 DSC_0178

Helping attack the horrible noise thing. I even start to go nuts when I hear the plug go in! Keep away from ladee, noise thing!

DSC_0182 DSC_0183
And Helping with the mop thing because it is really fun! It goes back and forwards super quick and I chase it!

DSC_0184 DSC_0185

Oh, not helping anymore, come on, mean old Ladee, let me in! I can’t help out here!


What’s a good puppy to do?

Speaking of helping, a while ago our Mum, ladee, posted about a charity run that she and Dad were doing, well, we didn’t get to go, although we helped practice and I think I could have done it but ladee said there were too many people and I would have been worried. Although some people did take dogs!

They enjoyed it a lot, but it was very hard work, it was more like cross country running than a normal 5k. Whatever either of those things are in people terms… Here are some photos!


colourrun1  colourrun4 colourrun5


Well, that’s all I have to help with at the moment.

Wiggles, Arran!

p.s. From ‘ladee’ Some of you have asked when this wedding thing is, it is in April! 🙂 I’m sure one of the boys will tell you all about it. 😉

12 thoughts on “Helping!

    • Deew Ludo and Aawan
      Sank you fow looking at my Biwfday picshoowes and the good wishes..Aawan, I’m so impwessed wif yoow helpfulness..yoo awe a wondewful pupstew.
      That wun looks like fun, though it woold pwobably kiss my anshunt pawents, hehehe
      Smoochie kisses

  1. You really have gotten to be a very big boy. We have lots of nose prints on our big windows. As soon as Mom cleans them, we get right back to our art work again:) We bet you and Ludo have lots of fun together.
    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. You are such a handsome boy, Arran! We can’t believe your mom locked you outside. She NEEDS your help!
    Your peeps look like they had a lot of fun on their charity run!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. I can’t believe they locked you out! How are you supposed to help Ladee from out there! Wonder if there is actually Honey on the Moon. Isn’t that what humans go to see after they get married — the moon? Guess you dogs will tell us if that myth about Honey being on the Moon is true or not after the wedding.

  4. Harlow tries to help too – and she ends up on the porch! What is with the people?

    Monty and Harlow

  5. Hello Big Scamp, you are quite the grown-up puppy now, I think.
    Gail says if you like helping with the cleaning then you are most welcome to visit us in Aberdeen. Wouldn’t that be fun!
    Toodle pip!

  6. I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award. We enjoy reading about your agility training, Arran’s antics, TND and the rest of your family, and all your travels too. I would love to get back on trip to England, my aunt would love that I come over sometime too.

    The rules for the award are on my blog but you don’t have to nominate any other bloggers if you don’t want to.

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