I almost got a present!

Hurro efurrybody!


Guess what? It nearly Crisp mas time, again! I does not know why it does not happen more oftenreally. We has opened 10 days of our advent calendar already!

The tree comed back in the house. Apart from it a different tree cos the old tree still down the side of the house all chopped up. We got very excited and jumped all over TND. I know he really liked that. I stuck my nose right in his eyeball and he made a really good noise, just like a squeaky toy.

Mum decided to get a photo of us looking at the tree and whilst she looking at Arran I slipped round the side where the presents be kept hidden and picked one up. I almost got away with it too only that sneaky Mum seed me and said, “That’s my present Ludo.”


Last Crisp mas I got to open nearly all the presents cos Arran lost interest and didn’t know how to open the presents and TND let’s me help him, so they all beed for me! I doesn’t really care what in them, I just wants to open the next one too. I will get that little present!


Can’t wait for Crispmas!

Only 15 days to go!

~Lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: We is nearly getting blowed away by the weather at the moment. I hopes it does not stick around for Crisp mas like it did last year!

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