Merry Crisp mas 2014!

From all of us to all of yous.


Now can I has a present?


This is only staying on for ONE second LayDee!

molluxmas molluxmas2 xmas2014-2 xmas2015 xmasdogs

Yes, we got put through the usual torture! But we got treats. Hope you do too.

Wishing all our friends a very Merry Crisp mas!

Love Ludo, Arran, Molly, Faline, Mum and TND!

10 thoughts on “Merry Crisp mas 2014!

  1. Those are such beautiful photos – Merry Christmas to you and your family – we sure hope you have a pawsome day and that the coming year is full of adventures and fun

  2. What wonderful photos! Hey Arron! Katie wouldn’t wear a hat for me at ALL! You are such a good boy! And Ludo! I didn’t know you had your very own MATCHING rabbit!! Happy New Year to all of you!!!

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