Hurrah, toys!! (Crisp mas day)


Hurro! Hope everyone had a very nice Crisp mas day! We did, it be very busy.

We went to Grandpawents house for presents and lunch, then we went to TND’s Dad’s for more dinner and more presents. We slept all day on boxing day.

As usual on Crisp mas, Santa Paws had left us a present each to open in bed. We got a dried sausage each and a toy each. Arran tooked mine and of course once Arran has touched my toy I casnot play with it anymore on account of the baby brother cooties. But I did not do mindings acoss I helped TND open his present. I mostly just like opening the presents anyway. Sometimes I does not even look at what inside. I especially like helping open the people presents cos they usually really big. Actually, on Crisp mas eve I opened a present under the tree and Mum had to wrap it up again, it beed a wubba for Arran.

xmasday1 xmasday5

We be greeted by a Crisp mas elf.


Rusty elf


We helped everyone with their presents

Grandpawents fed us a nice dinner, Mum’s nephew and his Girlfriend live near Grandpawents now and they comed for Crisp mas too. Arran liked biting their feets, sometimes, like with TND’s family Arran can be very shy, but he very relaxed at Grandpawents house. Grandma did a very nice dinner for everyone! (TND tooked the piccure)

We got lots of toys, everyone loves us and got us lots of presents! I really needed new toys, most of mine did not has any stuffing inside them anymore. Doesn’t that be what Crisp mas all about? Yes? Yes! No good telling me it not Mum cos I always get presents. Well, they make me happy and that makes the peoples happy and that definitely what Crisp mas about. Grandma also got Mum a jigsaw puzzle of us two, Mum is gonna save it for our next hol-ee-day!

At TND’s Dad’s house we got fed lots of turkey from Auntie and the little human person. She can walk around on two legs just like a proper full sized human now, she sat under the table for a little while with us. Mum has to watch Arran because he gets excited and tries to bites her feet to get her to play like he does to big humans. Luckily Mum has always let us ‘bite’ as puppies (some people think dogs should never be allowed to put their teeth on peoples) to teach us good bite control, she thinks it better for us to give a ‘warning’ than if we ever did bite and the first time we did it was hard as we did not know how to restrain our bite. But Mum is trying hard to teach us what be appropriate around a very small person. She sure liked Crisp mas!

xmasday2 xmasday7

All the presents!

All the presents!

I has done a video to show you all my favourite new toy!

I hope yous all had a wonderful Crisp mas and got new toys too!

~Lickies, Ludo!

10 thoughts on “Hurrah, toys!! (Crisp mas day)

  1. Ludo, I got dried sausage too, and then Gail gave the same to my poodle cousins and I felt less special.
    Toodle pip!
    PS I have always wanted a little brother, but now I know that they give things cooties I am not so sure…

  2. you two had the best ever Christmas – what a haul of toys. Mom didn’t buy us any this year as we don’t really play with them anymore – well apart from the Dweeb brother of mine – he a squeaky ball addict and Mom buys them by the dozen for him. We hope you have a wonderful new year with lots of wonderful things happeing

  3. hello shelties its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad yoo both had a wunderful crispmas!!! it luks like yoo had lots of peepul arownd to giv yoo luv and attenshun and loot!!! gud job handling the mini me persun too they kan be skarry and unprediktabul!!! ok bye

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