Presents under the Tree


It’s me, Big Scamp, Arran!

This Christmas thing is a whole lot of fun, isn’t it? Who knew it would happen every year? Now it’s almost over again. You’d think Ludo would tell me these things! This was my second Christmas and my first as a not Little Scamp. Molly and Faline, my rabbit toys have had a LOT of Christmases, Molly (who is a boy) has had 9 and Faline (who is girl) has had 8 now! What a lot! I don’t know who I like best, Molly has nice floppy ears but Faline runs around more and I like to run around behind her, I am not allowed to chase though.

Molly and Faline came downstairs for our Christmas photo shoot and it was such a lot of fun! I am smiling really biggly in the photo from last post because I am right next to them and not getting told off or anything! It was fun to run around with them in the big living room and I ran back upstairs with them too when they got carried back up. I don’t know why they don’t come down all the time! Molly told me that stairs that go down are like a magical mountain that you cannot use but I can go down them just fine. I first learnt on holiday and I do remember thinking down stairs were very scary when I was a very little Scamp and the Rabbits are very little.

Molly and Faline had a nice time hanging out with the presents under the tree. They are my present everyday because they are fun and I like to eat their food. (I have two of their Science Selective pellets when I get into my bed every night.)


falinetree2 falineundertrees mollys mollytree

Molly is washing his face and not crying, I had just washed his ears for him. Rabbits say ‘this is mine’ by rubbling their chins on things. Molly decided a few of the presents were his.


This is mine?

mollytree2s mollytree4

It was a bit of a tight squeeze for me, but I managed to fit under, even if Mean old Ladee did keep saying for me to stop knocking the decorations off the tree.


What you doing Molly?


Washing ears

The Rabbits got a cardboard Castle for Christmas. They are chewing the door holes bigger already and I think pretty soon I will fit in there with them. Wont that make them happy! Of course it will.

DSC_0501 DSC_0506DSC_0504DSC_0510

Oh and I have just one more thing to show you. On Christmas eve, just as our people were going to bed look what Ludo did.



And he couldn’t even blame it on me because he got caught red pawed! Literally! And the tag said ‘To Arran love Mum and Dad’. He opened my present! Well, I didn’t really mind because it got wrapped back up and I get a little bit confused about opening the presents anyway, I can’t decide whether I should be doing a good boy sit to get it or trying to open it myself.

That’s all for now!

-Wiggles, Arran!

p.s. I only didn’t like one part of Christmas and that was the Crackers, oh they were so scary I had to sit on Dad’s lap (and them Mum’s lap) whilst they ate their dinner after the crackers went off. Who knew humans would have terrifying tiny fireworks at Christmas and think that was fun and then all sit there wearing scary paper hats? Not me! (Mum Ladee says crackers happened last year, but I was not as scared of loud bangs last year because a big loud firework had not gone off right over my garden whilst I was outside)

13 thoughts on “Presents under the Tree

  1. What a fun Christmas! Harlow has a castle too – maybe we need to do a tour of blogger castles?

    Happy New Year!

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Thank you Arran! That was an excellent tour of your Christmas! And you are a very very good ear washer! Isn’t it wonderful you have two laps to sit in when you feel anxious? And that your Ladee wrapped up that present Ludo accidentally (I’m sure it was an accident) unwrapped for you? Katie and I send good New Years wishes to you and your brother and your Mum and Dad and the rabbit brothers too!

  3. hello arran its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot an ekselent krismas!!! it shoorly is nice of the bunnies to invite yoo to liv in their fortress of bunnytude!!! yoo can go hide in their the nekst time the krackers come owt!!! ok bye

  4. Lots of good wishes for a great year in 2015. The photos of the bunnies are such a feel-good thing to look at. I loved them all, but the one of the bunny peeping over the parcel is even nicer than the rest, in my opinion.

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