Sheltie Shin-dig – part 1

Hello, Dee here, taking over the blog for a couple of posts. Over New Year we had a very special event! The Elanmore people (Elanmore is Ludo and Arran’s kennel name, if you are new to the blog) – Katharine, Laura and Jack, came on holiday near us again and so we got to have a couple of Sheltie meets! They brought their dogs; Becky and Charlie who’ve been on the blog before and Arran’s litter sister Beryl and his younger sister Phoebe! We were also joined in this part by his younger brother Foxy (Phoebe and Foxy are litter mates) and Foxy’s owners Anna and Bob, they also live in Cumbria. It was a real sheltie fest and lots of fun! Anna showed us some photos of her previously beloved shelties, one was very like Ludo, and it was wonderful hearing all about them, they really do seem to be a breed that stays in your heart.


Foxy, Phoebe, Arran, Ludo, Beryl, Becky and Charlie!

I asked Katharine what all their kennel club name’s were so they are… “Foxy’s name is Elanmore Encore, Phoebe’s Elanmore Exactly Right, Arran’s Elanmore Beach Boy, Ludo’s Elanmore Blue Flash, Beryl’s Elanmore Beach Babe (of course after you wanted to name Arran Beach Boy it had to be!) and Becky’s is Elanmore Royal Empress.” Poor Charlie got half cut off the photo! I’d look out for Beryl and Phoebe’s name as I think they are going to start showing soon. 🙂

I always really love getting to talk to other dog people and geek out about shelties so it was great fun for me! Arran and Ludo’s breeder, Norma Lee, was Katharine’s Mum and Laura’s Grandma and so Jack’s Great Grandma and she very sadly passed away in 2014. It’s amazing to see her passion for shelties carried on with her family. I’m very grateful that I have been allowed two of her wonderful dogs! I was curious what Arran would think of all these shelties, would he remember Beryl, his litter sister? He was nervous at first, going into a strange place with lots of strange people and Ludo was sulking because he thought we were going straight out for a walk and we didn’t, but once we got going and he met Foxy, his younger, but bigger brother, we couldn’t keep the two of them apart.


Hi, I’m Foxy!


Yay! Chasing!

meet8 They played and frolicked and took it in turns having a ‘testosterone off’ by humping each other. Boys! The girls and Charlie were of course perfectly well mannered, whilst Ludo shouted his head off. Sadly, the weather wasn’t great and we all got rained on. At least we humans had wet weather gear on. Unfortunately it hampered the photo taking, credit goes to our official blog photographer, our very own, TND (the nice dad)! meet6 We walked down to the local church whilst the dogs ran around. Foxy was really excited about it all! We do this walk with the boys a lot and they chased each other around like they always do. You could definitely see them interacting in their little household groups and the young ones enjoyed chasing each other around. Foxy and Phoebe are really outgoing and friendly which was really nice to be able to stroke them and get cuddles, most shelties we meet wont let you touch them. Heh! I did get some loving from Beryl and Becky too, who are more shy like Arran is. He may be a Scamp but he does meet the ‘reserved around strangers’ part of the breed. Ludo doesn’t care, he’ll get loving from anyone. meet1  meet3 meet4 meet7 foxy I found it really interesting getting to know all their different personalities. They all have some similarities that make them shelties and even Elanmore shelties, but they all have their differences too. Same goes for appearance, I kept getting Phoebe and Arran muddled up if just glanced quickly, as their body, face shape and colouring is so similar. Beryl and Foxy also look very similar and are a similar colour too, Foxy has been very well named, his colouring is a beautiful reddish sable. Of course, we made them stop and pose for photos. One of which is up the top of the post. The 4 siblings. 4sibs Everyone together! We probably needed a bigger bench, although, for the smallest dog there, Phoebe seems to be taking up the most room. Ludo’s face says to me, ‘so this is what I have to do today.’ he’s so stoic and mature now. allbench I may be biased, but aren’t they all beautiful? Please come back for part 2 for more… If you want to read more about the Elanmore line, there’s a post here. And the last meet up here.

10 thoughts on “Sheltie Shin-dig – part 1

  1. What a beautiful gang of pups! Is this your wish someday, Dee, to have your own kennel and breed these most lovely pups? Thanks to TND (Mr. Niceguy) for the great pix. A hug goes to my old pal Ludo!

    Stella and Jo

    • Hi Jo, glad you are getting to grips with the new computer. We miss you and Stella and Ali Z!
      Ah, maybe one day in the distant future I’d like to get more involved with a kennel, but I don’t think the previously non dog owning TND could handle it for a long time yet. lol!

  2. What fun to have Sheltie shindig. We’ve never met any of Keltic’s brothers since I got him but we see Beckett’s litter sister Hannah, quite often as she goes to some of the same agility trials. Beckett is pretty reserved with her but Keltic sure likes her.

  3. they are all so beautiful – you know it i funny I have found over the years that Shelties in particular love their own kind. When ever I took Reilly to agility and rally – he would always head straight towards other shelties and ignore other breeds – maybe a bit of sheltie snobbery 🙂

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  5. OMD! I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven to be around so many Shelties. They are all GORGEOUS! I am stunned by their beauty. I think we need an outdoor Sheltie event here this spring and summer. So much fun to have them all playing and chasing and barking and running. Just beautiful.

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