Sheltie Shin-Dig – Part 2

If you didn’t see part 1, it’s here.

Our sheltie meet with the dog’s family continued the next day with a walk at Ennerdale Lake. Foxy and his parents had to go home so they didn’t come to this one unfortunately. Now… the sun was out in the morning, but typically, with the northern weather that pretty much changed as we got to the lake. Well, as I always tell visitors to the area, we have to fill the lakes up somehow!

I was in charge of TND’s camera (mine is still broken) this time and I’m not great with it, he did take the group shots at the end though.

Arran took some time to have a good sniff of Beryl this time. Did he remember her? I like to think so. I heard the other day that litter mates remember each other’s smell for about 2 years.

puppy photos courtesy of Laura. 

1048643_10200571635066692_1014702360_o 1064176_10200690931209021_19532638_o


Remember me?

None of them would keep still!


Because it's so interesting!

Because it’s so interesting!


Beautiful Beryl


Beautiful Becky


Pretty Princess Phoebe


What good dogs, actually pausing for a moment! Isn’t Charlie dashing in his jumper?



Should I push her? hehe!


Sheltie’s eye view, Charlie had fun in the water.

They played a lot of chase!







And of course, we meanies made them pose again. TND took these ones, which is why they are better than the others. 😉

I wanted to show how alike Phoebe and Arran are, don’t you think?


Phoebe and Arran


The siblings, Phoebe, Arran and Beryl


All together!

They were all excellently behaved and they all got super muddy!… A couple of ‘behind the scenes’ shots.


I borrowed those two from Katharine, TND looks the pied piper of shelties there and I like this one of me and the boys.

Afterwards we stopped back at our house for tea and biscuits. I think I made a friend for like when Becky helped her self to half of my tea dunked ginger biscuit that I was waving around. She was very pleased with herself and all the others were very upset they didn’t get one. Phoebe made herself at home on my lap, so I felt very honoured. Beryl and Arran had a nice play in the kitchen too so I’m sure they do remember each other.

Katharine also told me a cool fact about the Elanmore name. It is an anagram of Norma Lee, I’d never have twigged if she hadn’t told me!

So, that concludes the sheltie Shin-Dig, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did!

15 thoughts on “Sheltie Shin-Dig – Part 2

  1. What a brilliant time you had. Arran and his siblings look so cute together. And gosh I feel quite exhausted, watching all those shelties dashing around in the videos.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Just kidding about the “exhausted” bit. Me? Tired?

  2. those were wonderful photos – especially loved the one of Phoebe (I think it was) is stalking mode – looks like like she was ready to herd some sheep. Good job on getting them all to sit still for that one awesome photo of them all

  3. Looks like a wonderful place for a sheltie shindig. The sibs do look alike. Hard to see the resemblance with Beckett and his sister, hard to see in a bi-black and a blue merle. I loved the behind the scenes photo with Charlie in his back.

  4. Hi Ludo! Thanks for stopping by to say hello on my long lost blog! Looks like you had a great time with all your furry kin!


  5. This post has an abundance of cuteness. I can’t believe all the dogs sat together posing so sweetly. Excellent behavior! The scenery in the background was an added bonus…very lovely.

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