Meeting Mary Ray



Hurro, It Ludo!

Way back last year in March my dog club (West Lakeland Dog Training Club) hosted a cabaret evening with famous UK Dog Trainer Mary Ray. Mary be a very good dog trainer, probably one of the best known in this country and she be one of the pioneers of bringing Heelwork to Music or ‘dog dancing’ into the public eye. She performs a routine every year just before Crufts Best in Show and it really amazing! Mary be very successful competing in obedience and agility too and has beed for many years.

mary ray, levi + ozzy heelwork

Mary, Levi and Ozzy doing heelwork. 

In the cabaret evening Mary showed all the peoples how she trains her dogs. Which all be very positive, fun ways, lots of treats and letting dogs figure things out for themselves, using clicker training. Well, we dogs is very clever you know!  And she clearly gets lots of good results.

I love learning tricks and it just shows how useful they is for other stuff you want to do with your human (like, agility, or just being a Good Dog) and learning them together helps build a really special bond with your human too.

Mum loved the event, although she got a bit carried away trying to get good piccures for the club… and then lost the memory stick she put the photos on! But… she has done findings of it again now. But it did cause some very panicked searchings for quite some time!



The crowd all enjoyed it a lot and Mary be very good and funny, answering questions in the interval and talking to everyone afterwards, even though she must has beed tired from coming such a long way, all the way up to Cumbria. Mary brought a few of her amazing dogs with her, including Lyric, who beed a little puppy at the time and did very well and enjoyed showing off what she could do and even learnt some new stuff there.

Mary also had her border collies, little Chihuahua Vinnie, Ozzy the sheltie and of course, the star, Levi, Who did a little dance routine at the end. Mum has also shared a youtube video of Levi performing at Crufts at the end of the post.


Mary Ray's dogs pose

Lexi, Levi and Ozzy pose.

Mary Ray Cabaret evening, dogs pose, cumbria

Don’t get ideas mum, Arran’s not leaning on me!

Since the venue did only be a little way from our house, at the end when everyone wanted to talk to Mary, Mum rushed home and got us and so Mary very kindly agreed to pose for a photo with us! Did you know that Mary has owned and worked with two shelties with similar breeding to us? One of her dogs was my Auntie on my Dad’s side (Note from Mum/Dee – We got shown all about her and Mary when we first went to meet Ludo, Joseen, the Myndoc breeder was really proud.) and was also pretty closely related to Arran. In fact, when Mum brought us into the room, some people asked if he be Mary’s dog Gypsy, although Gypsy had passed away. Arran did be a bit scared and did not want to sit next to Mary but I thought she nice and I does not mind what I do, go to a strange room with lots of people and funny smells? No problem, I just goes along with it.

Lucky us, to get to meet one of Mum’s and ours all time favourite dog people, huh? We has had two of her books ever since I be a little puppy and we has learnt lots of things from them. Thank you Mary, if you ever read this, for your patience with Mum’s poor camera skills!

Ludo, Mary Ray and Arran

Mum says if you ever get to go to an event featuring Mary Ray please do go, it totally worth the opportunity just for seeing Mary’s skill with the dogs and their joy in performing and working with her, and Mum got lots of good training tips too.

~Lickies, Ludo

Pee ess from Mum: If you would like to learn more about Mary Ray, visit her Website Here.

Here is a video of Levi, Mary, Richard Curtis, who is another fantastic dog trainer performing at Crufts 2014 before Best in Show. Well worth a watch… or two… or three!

13 thoughts on “Meeting Mary Ray

  1. Thank you soooo much for sharing this piece and the video! The video had me in tears of delight. I have NEVER seen dog dancing more superb!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. How cool that you got to see her and watch her work AND get the boys’ picture with her too! I will totally go watch the video!!

  3. I have loved that video since it came out! So much fun! How neat that you got to meet her!

    Monty and Harlow

  4. Oh, lucky you! I’d love to meet her. But Penny and I did have the great pleasure of meeting Richard, when he made the long trek to Australia and ran a workshop here. It was wonderful.

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