Wanna play?


Do you Mum?

I know you cas not resist my adorable face. Let’s go up to the field acoss all the sheeps is inside for lambing time and we can run around without getting sandy and needing to have a bath!


Throow ittt!

catch3You can not has it Arran! You is not even any good at catching.
catch7catch4catch6 catch5I got it, I got it!

What do you mean about sharing, and playing nicely Mum? Doesn’t you know all’s fair in love and tennis balls? (even ones covered in elephant shapes)


Arran doesn’t mind not getting the ball anyway, he does not see the point in bringing the ball back, so it can be thrown again, so there be no point in letting him catch it in the first place. It such a boring game if you has to wait and chase Arran around each time and I like to play keep it away from Mum!

Yes, we has had a nice break in all the windy cold weather and got some actual sunshine! Hurrah! Although, I thinks we probably the only ones! BOL!

~Lickies, Ludo!

10 thoughts on “Wanna play?

  1. If you don’t play a little ball now with Arran, he won’t ever learn to do it the right way. I do remember the time when you didn’t! Stella never learned either! If you throw the ball to her, she will run after it and find it, look at it for a minute or so, then come waltzing back to me, leaving ball where it lays.
    It takes no time at all to get me totally weary of Stella’s “game.”



  2. What could resist that adorable face Ludo? (Although I must say I am closer to Arran in my attitude to playing ball. Remind me, what was the point of bringing it back?)
    Toodle pip!
    PS You both are looking exceptionally handsome today, I must say.

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