The winner is…

I’m sure everyone is eager to see who won the tickets to Crufts at the NEC in Birmingham? And perhaps more importantly, who won the right to pull a name out of the hat?

The contestants

The contenders

Ludo has the experience, but Arran has the youthful enthusiasm.


Ludo, slightly ahead


Level pegging?




Arran wins!

“Victory! I always win because I push Ludo out the way and I am a fast Little Scamp! Hurrah! I has never picked a name out of a hat, it sounds exciting!” Presenting, the winner of the Crufts tickets… all the names in a hat. Who will get to go?? Arran thinks he should… maybe next year.

DSC_0035. 2651_Web_260x300

Congratulations Ruth, I’ll send you an email to arrange getting the tickets to you. I’m totally jealous by the way, since I can’t make it this year. Thanks everyone for joining in. You can of course, by tickets by clicking on the banner above. Look out for more of our Crufts posts coming soon!

P.s. Arran was a little unsure about getting the names out because the first time, this happened… and he doesn’t like to get things wrong.

(So apologies for all the people who got picked out of the hat first, but I only had one pair of tickets, so decided to actually go with the one Arran ‘chose’, I did make sure I put them all back in though. Sorry also to Ludo for getting moved out the way there, but he’s used to it. :p)

10 thoughts on “The winner is…

  1. Lucky winner!

    That first photo is soooo gorgeous. I keep dreaming of a trip to England to visit the countryside next summer. I’ve been to London, but didn’t get to see much outside of the city. Cumbria looks so amazing.

  2. That was too cute. Keltic would have eaten some of the entries! I would love to go back to England. Maybe next year, my sister and I are planning to do a river cruise in Europe, maybe we’ll visit my aunt while we’re over there. She lives in Brighton.

  3. Eek! Thank you so much Arran for choosing me! I cannot wait! I’ve always wanted to go!! Xx

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