All around Ennerdale

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

Long time readers may has noticed that we go walk at a particular lake called Ennerdale quite a lot?



It nearby and very pretty, and quite quiet because a lot of the regular Lake District tourists doesn’t go that way and TND’s Mum lived there before she went to the Bridge so we could go for cups of tea after walking and she never minded how muddy we got.

We went a different route this time. Usually we park up, walk along the front of the lake, go for a swim, then go for a walk in the surrounding woods. (paw prints) or sometimes we walk along one side and back, or we has also parked up a stream called Smithy Beck and gone down to the lake that way. (the yellow two different routes)

Thanks Google maps

Thanks Google maps

A couple of weeks ago Mum decided that she has lived in Cumbria long enough (she used to be a southerner) that she should have climbed Scafell Pike by now. Scafell Pike be the highest mountain in England and nearly every Cumbrian Mum meets has gone up it, so she said she must too, to be a proper Cumbrian. TND looked a bit sceptical, since Mum not really the climby, adventurous type. I does not think me and Mum has ever climbed a real mountain! TND said we had better get in training with more challenging walks (for Mum) first… so this weekend we walked ALL the way around Ennerdale. It about 7 miles and some bits is a little climby and stoney. Mum only tooked her phone for photos, but here you is.

DSC_0011 DSC_0010 DSC_0014

When we set off it beed very misty, but it lifted in the valley and it beed mostly sunny, still frosty in places and some wet bits still frozen, Mum told me to walk like a penguin cos that how you not slip apparently. I has four paw drive so I did ok and Arran never seems to complain about anything! We just had one scary bit where we had to climb down a steep bit called Anglers Crag (we should has gone up, not down Arran new the right way, but he followed us. Mum worried about the slippy rocks, so she sat down and kind of scooted down.) Me and Arran could not make the step across, but it ok, TND and mum helped us.


Anglers cragg ahead

.DSC_0016 DSC_0018


The mist came in some parts, but it never came right down so we could see the pretty scenery all the time. Arran does not be in all the photos cos he likes to go off to the sides to has a good sniff around, or he stays with Mum or goes ahead, he is always trot trot trot all over the place. I is a wise growed up dog now and I knows to conserve my energy.DSC_0023


The people who in charge of looking after Ennerdale put big stones along the path wherever a stream comes down into the lake so people can still use the paths. We think the steppy stones be really fun, just like natural agility. On this walk we did not has too much trouble with the streams, they probably all frozen higher up, but it can get VERY wet!

Steppy stones

Steppy stones

Of course, we stopped for lunch/snacks when we got half way round. TND gived us that whole bag, even though he not supposed to. That just one reason why I love him!  We did the second half a lot quicker cos it not steep and it be proper paths for people with wheelchairs or prams. You can see the field we stopped in on the last pic.




I sure hopes you enjoyed my tour around Ennerdale! One of the stars in the map piccure goes into the water. That’s cos I went into the water! Mum did not let me has a good swim though, in case my legs be tired. I still did not want to get back in the car though!

~Lickies, Ludo!

14 thoughts on “All around Ennerdale

  1. Seven miles is a good hike but when you climb mountains I think its UP, UP, UP all the way and might be good to keep up some practice hills for Mum, what do you say, Ludo?

    Your pal ,


  2. Oh Ludo what a brilliant day you had. All those photos are so beautiful. And ‘natural agility’ is the best, isn’t it. No silly rules etc.!
    Gosh I am looking forward to reading about you all going up Scafell Pike before too long. (Perhaps mum had better practice climbing a smaller hill first?)
    Toodle pip!

  3. So, so lovely to see these glorious photos and read about your adventures. I think The Lake District must be one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

  4. Lovely! Mum has got us slowly doing all the wainrights (shes lived here all her life and just started in the past 2 years!) and plans to do Scafell Pike this summer. 🙂
    Just gorgeous photos!

  5. Thanks for popping over to my blog with the warning about cocoa mulch. As I said there, I think it’s not yet used in Australian gardens, but I’ll do a little research to make sure. We use heaps of mulch here, because the poor soils need building up if we’re to grow plants from other continents, and because our hot sun degrades unprotected garden soils. I’d have about five or six different types of mulch on my garden, but so far I’m confident we don’t use cocoa mulch. Penny does in fact chew on large pieces of mulch, so I am glad of the warning.

  6. A lovely reminder of how beautiful and isolated Ennerdale is. I must go back there this year. I have to pick my routes with care as I have to take @HoppalongHeidi, my three-legged sheltie, in a buggy. Luckily the road by the lake is just right for this, though I do gaze longingly up at the fells we can no longer do.

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