Crufts 2015!

Hello, It’s me, Arran. You know, it’s not long to go now until the Winner of Crufts 2015 is announced! Mum Ladee says that it wont be me. I don’t know why I can’t win, but I suppose you do have to be there.

There’s been some lovely dogs picked as Best in Group so far, although not a sheltie, we think they all look very nice dogs. The Sheltie winner, Sid, was a very nice dog and he met the host of Crufts on the TV. I would not like to do that though. I live up to the breed standard of ‘being reserved around strangers’. Although, I am not reserved once you get to know me! We especially loved the happy smiley Flat Coated Retriever.

We know some at our dog training club and they are just as happy! Although I do sometimes have to tell Brody off cos he is a bit big and bouncy and I am the fun police you know. Who will win the toy and utility groups? Mum always likes the poodles.

You can watch the live stream from the main arena on YouTube. All day long! You can also see the other days too.

Group winners

Group winners

Of course, we’ve been enjoying watching the Agility. I could so do that! I am getting very good at agility now. Although I don’t think our Mum will ever get up to the standard of the Crufts handlers. Ludo is not very good at watching TV. He does not usually do it. He is so close his eyes are boggling.


This video below would probably happen to my Ladee. Wasn’t the border collie very nice to go check she was ok?

Crufts has been sharing some really cool videos.

Hey Ladee, I want one of those GoPro’s!

Pawsome! I hope I get to go next year. Although Mum says it would be too busy and stressy for me and Ludo would enjoy it much more, I am sure I would like it. Don’t you think? Off to go do some training now. ~Wiggles, Arran!

5 thoughts on “Crufts 2015!

  1. Oh dear, the video with the lady falling over reminds us of one evening last summer at agility club, when there was a hole hidden by grass at a crucial corner of the course, and the ground was wet and slippery. Three of the five humans in our training group came a cropper (not Gail). None of the dogs ran back to check they were OK and the humans mostly laughed…
    Toodle pip!

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