The Wedding!

Hurro! It me Ludo! Here be the long promised wedding post. Only 3 months after it happened. It might get long! Mum did be in two minds about posting this, but, since some of our very dear friends have waited so patiently she decided to share.

We had lots of visitors to our house in the days afore the wedding, lots of comings and goings and busy peoples and we went to the groomers.

Our pawrents got married in a hotel in the Lake District, so we all travelled down and stayed there together the day before like a mini hol-ee-day. The hotel allowed dogs in some bedrooms and Me and Arran were supposed to stay in Grandpawents room, but actually we stayed in the bridesmaid’s room on the first night instead. The bridesmaids were two of Mum’s nieces Abi and Georgina who come and stay with us at our house sometimes with their Mum and we like them a lot, and of course, they like us a lot too! Mum and TND had decided that we would be at the wedding with them, but we did not has a ‘job’ in the wedding. Firstly, we did not be allowed into those parts of the hotel where the ceremony be, but more importantly, we (well, mostly Arran) would has got really stressed and worried about all the people and not knowing what going on and I would has totally wanted all the attentions on me. So we went and stayed with our family, but we stayed out of the busy ‘wedding’ parts.

What do you think we're doing here then Ludo?

What do you think we’re doing here then Ludo?

We had a look around the place and it beed a hot day! We had lots of grounds to explore and a very nice room with a nice cool bathroom and comfy beds. Whilst Mum and TND unpacked and sorted things out, Grandpawents, Auntie Toni and the bridesmaids tooked us into town for some lunch. Mum and TND seemed a bit stressy, usually they is very relaxed on hol-ee-day.

Meanwhile, Mum says she spent her time greeting people arriving, watching Auntie Sam, who beed making all the flower displays and then she switched to doing this…


Mum’s room with Auntie Toni had a hot tub!

The people spent the evening having food and chatting to each other and we popped in and out whenever someone came to get us.

The next day Mum got up early as she could not sleep at all and she beed VERY nervous. We went for a walk around the hotel. It had rained through the night but didn’t look like the day be too bad. Grandpaw, Auntie Toni and the bridesmaids comed too as they could not sleep either! Arran had fun undoing the bridesmaids shoelaces.


So… what are we doing today, Mum?


Mum came back to Grandpawents room with us, whilst they all went to breakfast and then a person from the hotel arrived with breakfast for us!


Apparently, it bad luck for TND to see the bride afore the wedding and Mum be the bride. Mum ordered us a room service sausage each. She tried to take a photo and I used the opportunity to snaffle mine. I swallowed it down in one gulp and Arran got very worried I would eat his and tried to eat his quickly too but it still beed a bit too hot so he could not. I does not regret it!


Mum went off to get ready for the wedding and stopped taking photos of us! Can you believe it? So I is not really sure what I should post next! Surely, you does not want to see piccures without us in?

You do?

Well, maybe just a few… Thank you to our pawrents wonderful wedding photographer, Karli Harrison Photography for the following photos and for being amazing throughout the day. (oh, you can probably click to bigify)

Wedding prep

Wedding prep

Mum getting groomed

Mum getting groomed

Mum spent almost as long getting groomed as we do! Although she got to have coffee and biscuits in between. We doesn’t get a treat until after the grooming all finished. Mum said getting her makeup put on be nice and relaxing and so I guess she behaved better than I do and did not show her mean teeth at the brush like I does.

First look

First look

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (77 of 477)

Efurryone said Mum looked very pretty in her dress and so did the bridesmaids (and we think so did Grandma!), so I guess all that grooming paid off.


Here they come TND!

Here they come TND!

This next bit the most important bit of the whole wedding apparently. Mum and TND said their marriage vows to each other and signed the legally binding bit. What does this all mean to a sheltie dog? Well, it means that TND, does now be DAD (he started off as TNP – The New Person and then became The Nice Dad, although he still be ‘the nice’).

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (144 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (147 of 477)

Who’d have thought that little bit of metal could make TND my official Dad? I would has given him one the first time he made me my own sandwich to take on a picnic if I’d knowed! Doesn’t be crying Grandpawents. I is sure he will make you a sandwich too!
Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (158 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (165 of 477)

All legal, no going back now DAD, you’re stuck with us. :p

Mum and TND wandered off and got some lovey dovey (blurgh) piccures next.
Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (180 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (188 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (198 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (207 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (218 of 477)

Here we come!

Here we come!

By this time we beed really curious to know what going on and excited to see our peoples.
Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (224 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (223 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (225 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (232 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (228 of 477)



Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (227 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (235 of 477)Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (237 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (238 of 477)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (300 of 477)

I usually bark at my pawrents when they kiss and cuddle each other, but throwing petals at them seems to stop them too.

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (341 of 477)

All the guests

All the guests… well, except you can’t see us.



Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (301 of 477)

Grandpaw had to make a speech after dinner. He does not like to be the centre of attention but Mum says he did very well and he talked about us (and so did TND!)

Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (408 of 477)Dee & Richard by Karli Harrison Photography (411 of 477) copy

cake and flowers

After the peoples dinner we hung out with Mum in the conservatory and met some of TND’s friends. Everyone really liked us and Arran even let people he didn’t know stroke him. I kept trying to sneak through the doors into the parts of the hotel I not allowed to go and when people seed me they tried to help me. Hehe! Then Mum fed us our dinner (late!) and put us to bed and spent the rest of the night doing things like this!

dancing at wedding

And then they got to stay in a thing called the bridal suite! What lucky peoples!

DSC_0248_1Then it rained and rained all the next day, so that be lucky it waited till then or else we might have got muddy pawprints on Mum’s dress. That the most you ever gonna see of Mum and TND’s faces. Back to us dogs from now on. hehe.

~Lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Then they left us for 2 weeks and went to a place called Honeymoon! Can you believe it?

pee pee ess: For any newish readers to the blog. It used to be just me and Mum until TNP comed along, although we has had him for quite a long time now.


23 thoughts on “The Wedding!

  1. An exquisite bride, a handsome groom, nice family and friends a very happy pupkids, just a perfect wedding. My card to you should even arrive one day wishing you a wonderful life together! Thanks for sharing it all with us.
    Cheers and hugs,’
    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  2. Congratulations to the newluweds! And Congratulations to you and Arran for getting a wonderful new DAD. TND looks very happy. What a beautiful ceremony – Mum looks lovely AND happy!!! Thanks for sharing the big day.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  3. I’m so glad you shared these photos. What an absolutely beautiful wedding! Love the gown and hair so much.

    So happy for your mum. A guy who will make a sandwich for the dog is a keeper for sure.

  4. Congratulations! Pawsome wedding photos. We cracked up about u saying Dad will make the grandparents a sandwich to get them to stop crying! Lol.

    We totally think the picture of u dogs and the newly weds are pawsome.

  5. That sure looks like a pawsome wedding. We can tell you like TND too and Shelties are better at telling if a person is good or not than a hooman.

    Dad and I are so Happy for you.

    Sherman & Dog Dad

  6. Thank-you for posting these Dee. It looks like it was just beautiful there. such nice pictures, and a cute story to go with them as well.. I just love your dress and the shoes – WOW! The bridesmaids were super cute and looked fab. I really like the picture of your parents, and the pictures of both of you with the dogs. Do you remember the pictures of the party where I told you that cute guy was looking at you, and trying to pretend he wasn’t looking?? Ha! look what happened.. Much happiness to all of you.
    Pee ess… Please pm me your new address when you get time. or else I will just pester you until you do.

  7. Your mom looked absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, Ludo, and the wedding was so pretty! We love the family portraits of the 4 of you! Thank you for sharing. Your wedding pictures are just gorgeous!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Oh Ludo, your mom and dad looked beautiful! And you were pretty too. Or handsome I guess. I looked like you matched your dad’s outfit and Aaron matched your mom! Her dress was beautiful! What a lovely place to get married. I got all teary eyed all over again looking at the photos!

  9. Oh Ludo, we are so thrilled to see the wedding pictures. You know, it is normally indisputable that you and Arran will be the most beautiful creatures on any photograph but – and we hate to break it you two – just this once you were out-beautifulled by your Mum, AND out-handsomed by your now Dad!
    Oh but those piccies of all four of you together by the lake are priceless.Our favourites the one where Arran is rubbing noses with TND as he dextrously balances tow champagne glasses in his hand!
    All the best of a wonderful future together for whole family.
    Bertie and Gail.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful wedding pictures. It looks like it was such a happy day! And now you are officially a family. Any man who would think to bring you your own sandwich on a picnic is definitely a keeper! May your mom and dad have a long, healthy life together. And you two lovely dogs, too.

  11. Oh, you guys! Your mom looks SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing such special pictures! We especially loved the ones where you two finally got to see the “new” couple!!! YEA!!!!!!!!

  12. This is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen! I loo loveve your posts and pictures. You were the most beautiful bride.You are so lovely.I love your dress.Stunning wedding! Thank you for letting us join in your very special Day! Beautiful couple and beautiful fur babies!!

  13. hello ludo and arran its dennis the vizsla dog hay kongratchoolayshuns to yore mama and tnd!!! it is so cool that yoo got to go to the wedding!!! i did not go to my mama and dadas wedding!!! of korse i wood hav been abowt negative fifteen yeerz old but stil i cud hav had kayk!!! ok bye

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