Happy decade Molly!

Huuro, Ludo here!

Today I is giving you an update on my Rabbit-dog siblings and also, wishing our brofur Molly a very happy decade of life. He just had his 10th birthday!



We had to celebrate it a little bit late acoss my sisfur Faline got something called GI stasis, wherea bunny tummy stops working properly and they get a build up of gas and so on in their tummies. It very uncomfortable for them and they stop eating and look very upset and poorly. Then Molly stopped eating too! It tooked a couple of visits to the vets and some home care but they is both ok now. But mum did not be their favourite person, let me tell you!

Molly and faline has never really been ill, or needed the vets, other than their vaccinations. (In the UK rabbits should get vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Hemorrhagic Disease) so it very worrying for our Mum. Faline especially hated the syringe feeding and made a right mess!

Being 10 means Molly really officially a senior bunny rabbit-dog now. He does not do as much runnings around as he used to and he prefers to sit in his favourite places and be a bit grumpy, but he can still go quick when he wants to!

Mum made him a ‘cake’ out of his dry food mushed up with some water and banana. Well, they seemed to like it.

Mum made us little party hats but for some reason I be the only dog to keep mine on and Faline only stuck around long enough to be in one photo!mollybday4 mollybday3 mollybday2 mollybday

Happy decade Molly!

Happy decade Molly!

Molly with molly birthday cake

Molly with molly birthday cake

Then Molly used me to make his escape. He holed up in his castle and groomed the dog smell off himself. He doesn’t know what he missing. They did eatings of their treats over a couple of days.



First day home.

First day home.


6 thoughts on “Happy decade Molly!

  1. Happy Birthday Molly. That’s very special to be a 10 year old bunny. Glad you and Faline are feeling better you must have given your poor Mum a worrying time. Love the rabbit shaped treat xx

  2. Happy Birthday Molly! Ludo you look so cute in your hat! Nice of you to tell us about Molly’s birthday party! Glad the rabbit-dogs are feeling better!!

  3. hello shelties its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy dekayd to yore bunny sister molly!!! birthdays that end in zeroes ar big wuns or so i am told i hav not had wun yet myself!!! i am glad molly and faline ar feeling better!!! ok bye

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