Intruder alert!

There is going to be some building work starting by our house and somepup has to make sure they know not to come any closer!

We are off to help at our dog club’s agility show this weekend, we will be camping! I have been camping once before and I liked it. I made sure no one except me, Ladee and Ludo could come into our tent. So I will have to leave the intruder guarding in my Dad’s hands this weekend. Although, I am pretty sure he will not do as good a job as me!


15 thoughts on “Intruder alert!

  1. I know you will all have fun tenting, enjoying the dog show and we want all the news when you return! Good luck to Dad dealing with the intruders!

    Stella and Zkhat

  2. We both came to attention when we heard your alerting:) Happy belated birthday to Molly too.

    Have a great time camping.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

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