Discover Dogs – Win tickets!


Humum Dee here!


Eukanuba’s Discover Dogs is nearly here again! On the 17th and 18th of October, in the Excel Centre in London, over 200 breeds of dogs are converging, just for a chance for you to go and meet them all!

You can buy tickets here and you can get 10% off tickets using code DDCOMP

When I went to Crufts last year I found I spent an awful lot of my time visiting the Discover Dogs stands. I have to say I’m rather fascinated by the variation in dog breeds, their evolution alongside us is a remarkable thing and they really have changed the world.

I especially loved seeing the more unusual, dogs, or those on the vulnerable list.


A gorgeous King Charles Spaniel

Handsome Otter Hound

Handsome Otter Hound

Both old breeds that are on the vulnerable native breeds list. And of course, I loved seeing the familiar breeds, that I maybe had preconceptions about.

I like cuddles just as much as the next guy!

I like cuddles just as much as the next guy!

If you are thinking of adding a new puppy, or adult rescue to your household soon, I think visiting Discover Dogs is invaluable. You get to speak to so many real, friendly owners, compare the breeds all together, make contacts etc. I found all the people very genuine, passionate and honest. Each breed display listed health issues, or reasons why you might not want their chosen breed, as well as reasons why you might.
The Kennel Club has produced a great article for any first time puppy owners, wondering which breed to choose, which you can find here. So often in the puppy classes I help at, people arrive with a breed that they’ve only just found out needs lots of exercise, or really does shed a lot, or might be more inclined to chase the family guinea pig.

But there’s much more to see at Discover Dogs than just, well, dogs. There’s other dog stuff too! (Yay!)

Shopping, of course. Agility, sheepdog displays, dog rugby (that should be interesting) and the Scrufts final. It would make a great day out or weekend away for the whole family.

And, the Kennel Club has very kindly offered two tickets for us to give away to our readers. If you would like to win, just write in the comments what breed of dog you’d most like to see at Discover Dogs. Ludo will draw a winner from a ‘hat’ on Friday.

(You don’t have to say sheltie hehe)

8 thoughts on “Discover Dogs – Win tickets!

  1. Well, we don’t think we can go, since we live in Kansas and all, but we’ll eat some extra Eukanuba to celebrate the show! Good luck to those who enter!
    Our mom LOVES that Bull Terrier!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  2. We would love to come to the show so we can see all the dogs but we have a soft spot for toy poodles x

  3. I’d love to see the Swedish Vallhund in person .. I saw photos of them there previous years and I’d love to talk to their owners about how they are as pets 🙂

  4. Would love to come along. I have border collies and adore shelties too but would also like to learn more about the smooth fox terrier

  5. I’d really love for my children to meet the dandy dinmonts and some daschunds, and to meet some of the rarer breeds like the Sussex spaniels, the sort of breeds we don’t see on an average day at the park!

  6. I’d really love to take my children to the show to see some of the rarer breeds like a Sussex spaniels , and they’d love to see the daschunds too, the breeds you don’t get to see on an average trip to the park.
    Have wrote our entry out twice as it disappeared first time, so pick us please Ludo!! Xx

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