Trip to Trigony and the Multiverse

Hurro, Ludo here!

I bet you is wondering what a Trigony and a Multiverse be?

They places in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland where we went a few weeks ago for a weekend away.


trigony2 DSC_0922

I has been to Trigony afore with Mum and TNP, back when he still be the new person and we has wanted to go back ever since. It a very dog friendly hotel and does very nice food so it has things we all like!

We got a very nice welcome box from our dog hosts and we had a very big room with our own garden too! It a lovely peaceful relaxing place.



Our Garden

DSC_0908 DSC_0907

Although I is always the best boy, Arran did pretty well at not barking at the noises of other guests and not getting scared of things.

Trigony be a great place because they let us join our pawrents for breakfast and dinner in the bar, we met other dog guests too.

DSC_0913 DSC_0918

DSC_0917I taught Arran to pretend to be all nonchalant and pretend we is not interested in the other diners’s food until the waitress comes with our people’s food. Then we can say ‘oh we be so good’ and get some of theirs.


He learned pretty fast!

We had a nice time relaxing in our room and garden. Mum sat outside with us and did some cross stitching (she been working on that thing forever and I doesn’t think it getting any bigger and sometimes it get called ‘oh buggar’)

In the mornings we be joined by the resident dog Roxy, I met her last time I comed too. Here I be reminding my TNP he should be stroking me and not Roxy.


Last time we comed to Trigony we went to a very cool sculpture park that the people liked a lot and I did not so much cos I did barkings at the statues. (I is a bit older and wiser now) They thought about going there, but then the people at Trigony told us about a new place what opened called the Cawick Multiverse, so we decided to go there.

It be really great! It a place that used to be a coal mine and it been restored by the Duke and an artist called Charles Jencks, it represents things that are up in space. We has a very nice autumn day for our visit and we had a lot of fun not obeying the guidelines by running up and down the spirals of the galaxy instead of going round and round them. Arran especially liked doing that! Also it had lots of different textures and things at different heights to explore. Dog paradise! If you ever get the chance to go, we really recommend it. I rolled around really well at the top of Andromeda, just so future dog visitors know I was there first!

multiverse2 multiverse1 multiverse3 mv4 DSC_0936 DSC_0935 DSC_0934 DSC_0941

Maybe in 100’s of years people will come along and wonder what all these strange rocks mean? Maybe they’ll find a fossilised Ludo hair and wonder about that too?

We had a very wonderful trip and I casnot wait to go on the next one!

~Lickies, Ludo!

Pee ess: In other news, I had to have a little lump removed, which got diagnosed as a hot spot a few months ago, but Mum worried as it had changed and so the vet agreed we’d get it taken off. I had to go be left at the vets and has a surgery! I did be a bit worried when the vet carried me off, but Mum comed back for me after all. I get my stitches out Friday and the results then too. I hate the stitches, so I has to wear the cone now, but I doesn’t mind bashing that into people. Only, Arran does be a bit worried and keeps sniffing me and trying to lick my front legs where they put the needles in me, so we all keeps telling him off. Mum says he like Piglet, only I doesn’t know what that mean.

We also has some family staying with us, so we behind in blogging again.

Pee pee ess: Congratulations to Jo, who won our Discover Dogs tickets. We hope you enjoyed it!

6 thoughts on “Trip to Trigony and the Multiverse

  1. Beautiful place to visit, Ludo. I would like to go there myself someday. I think its good that you see the better you behave, the better things go for you too. One thing for sure, you boys are getting handsomer by the day, your big white ruffs down your front
    is just stunning! All my best wishes to you that your surgery is OK!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Stella, Zkhat and Jo

  2. Hi Ludo, wonderful photos as ever. Gail has promised to take me to the Multiverse, at that frustratingly ill-defined period in the future known as “one day”. It looks super fun, especially for a Boffin-y type like me! And hotels where you are allowed to join the humans for dinner AND breakfast are definitely the way to go.
    Oh but we are sorry to hear you have been under the knife, and Gail and I have paws and fingers crossed that nothing nasty was found in the lump.
    Toodle pip!

  3. That looks lovely. Heidi and Max are always on the lookout for new places for me to take them to, I’m taking them to Keswick in a week’s time where they insist I take them out for long walks and visits to pubs where they can get treats. they often try the nonchalant oh aren’t we good trick t get food from gullible strangers. Funny how it works for them but never does for me. ps. its best to have worrying hot spots removed. Heidi had to wear the cone of shame after her dew claw was removed. The back of my legs were blue for a month after. I’m sure she did it deliberately

  4. Wow – what a beautiful trip and a lovely hotel!

    We are wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Monty and Harlow

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