Family Matters

Hello Everyone!

It’s me, Arran!

I am going to tell you a bit more about our family today. If you ever see us on Facebook, you may have seen some extra dogs hanging around in our photos. We already had my good buddy Rusty, who is my Grandpawents dog, but now we have some extra pack members.

Mum’s sister, Auntie Toni and mum’s nieces ‘the girls’ are living with Us and Grandpawents whilst they move to Cumbria. It is really amazing! I just love extra family members and I get really excited when they appear out of no where again so it is going to be really good having them around even more. Auntie Toni is really easy to bully into taking us for extra walks and if I am extra sneaky and I can bark and bark at her whilst Mum is not in the room and make her do things I want! Which is only bad if you get caught, of course.

Mum’s niece Abi adopted a puppy called Poppy. Laura over at Elanmore put us in touch with her breeder, as Poppy’s Dad is the same as for my new Neices and Nephews. Yes, I am a real Uncle now. That is very grown up, isn’t it? I think I will rename myself All Grown up Scamp now, instead of Little Scamp.

At first, we weren’t sure about having a puppy around. I think Ludo said ‘Oh no, not another one, take it back!’ Although, I’m not sure why. He is still pretending Poppy is not even around. But I really like her now. She sure is a fun and feisty little sheltie! She throws herself around all over the place and is super friendly. Mum says it is hard to get a photo of her because she wont stay still! Rusty got over excited about her at first and he can be a very reactive jack russel terror, but Mum did some positive training with him and now he likes her a lot.


wpid-dsc_0994.jpg wpid-dsc_1013.jpg wpid-dsc_0979.jpg wpid-dsc_1020.jpg

Poppy and the girls came and stayed over and helped us do some gardening a couple of weekends ago. She sure bangs her head a lot. I don’t think I was that uncoordinated when I was a Not All Grown up Scamp.

More recently, we met cousin Ben. Ben and Auntie Toni are staying at our house and we all get on just fine. Ben is a labrador and he is 10, he likes our Dad a lot, but he is very good at listening and is showing us up a little bit!

He is a bit big, so it can be a bit worrying to play with him, but I am giving it my best shot. He is also not very quick and a bit of a pushover, so I have been able to gain a few extra toys by grabbing them when someone tries to play with him. I am very clever like that!

Cousin Ben

Cousin Ben

Ben was not really allowed in the living room in his old house, but I think we have cured him of that. Auntie Toni has conceded defeat too. He has soon picked up our good habits, like waiting for treats when Mum is going out without us. Dad says you cannot walk in a straight line in the house now, as you have to go around a dog. Don’t worry, Ben always looks kind of doleful, but he is always wagging his tail.


All four together

All four together

That photo was taken just before Mum and Dad went away to a wedding last weekend, so that’s why we are all kind of sulking.

In other family news, Ludo has had his stitches out and his surgery has healed very well (his furs are already growing back) and he doesn’t have to be a conehead anymore! We are all very happy about that, especially Ludo. We had a good game of bitey face after the cone came off. I have been very worried about Ludo and I have been trying to give him a good sniff and lick his funny smelling ouchies. I have licked his front paws better where he had some little holes, Mum said that was from the anaesthetic needles, but I just keep on getting told off for pestering him and Ludo shows his Really Mean Teeth to me. So I have been telling Mum and Dad that I am worried and whining and leaning on them and trying to get super close to Ludo. Mum says I am like piglet, going around saying ‘Oh dear, whatever shall I do?’. I like to eat piglets!

Aside from that happy part, the vet has told Mum and Dad that Ludo’s lump was something I have not heard of, but it is called a ‘cancer’, it is a type called a grade 3 mast-cell tumour. Mum and Dad need to speak to the vet some more about what to do now and the vets are talking to another special vet place, but the vet thinks he got it all out and they are quite common. I am sure Ludo will tell you how it goes. I think he will be ok though, now that he doesn’t have that silly cone on, and I am always here to lick him better. If he will finally let me!

Wiggles, Arran!

14 thoughts on “Family Matters

  1. That was a big letter for a little dog and you did it well, Arran. Tell Ludo I am sorry about his cancer diagnosis and will make some prays for him that all is well soon.

    Be good all of you pups!

    Stella, Zkhat and Jo

  2. Nice to have house guests. It looks like you’re having fun playing with Poppy and Ben. Keltic would love to have Ben chase him.
    Sorry to hear about Ludo’s lump being cancer. We’ll be sending positive vibes that your vet got it all. There’s a good chance it won’t come back if they got it it all. I lost my little Ceilidh to to MCT but we didn’t get good margins so the cancer came back,

  3. I think our mom just fell in love with Poppy! She looks like TONS of fast fun to me!
    We’re sorry to hear about Ludo’s lump and will pray for “clean margins”. Take good care of him, Arran!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. Gosh Arran there has been so much going on at your place, it is a good job that Gail and I had an extra hour in bed this morning to read it all properly! Poppy does look a bunch of fun, although with wee puppies around, one always has to be on guard against being ‘out-cuted’ I find. Oh and Gail says I was not very well coordinated when I was very small. She says my legs were growing so fast it was hard for me to keep track of where they were!
    Gail and I are very sorry indeed to hear that Ludo’s lump had some of those horrid cancer cells in it. We have fingers and paws crossed that they vet did a great job in removing every single one, and none of them sneaked off into another part of his body. Some things are even worth being a cone-head for a while. (Gail told me to put that).
    Toodle pip!
    PS Special hugs to Ludo.

  5. We are sending lots of positive thoughts for your cancer, Ludo! Poppy is just too cute. We can see that you are having a blast with him, Arran!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. hello shelties its dennis the vizsla dog hay it luks like yoo ar having lots of fun with yore howsgests!!! i do not play chayse like that with saya on akkownt of she intimidayts me a littel but maybe i wood play chayse with poppy he is so smal and kyoot!!! but probly not!!! we ar all sending tail wags to ludo for gud noos on his wurd wot we do not like!!! ok bye

  7. What a lot of news! Good and not-so-good mixed together, as is usual in life. Here’s hoping the vet got all of that cancer out. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

  8. Wow Arran! Lots going on at your house! I’m so hoping Ludo is going to be OK. I’m sure he will. You are right to try to help. Lots of company coming and going…they all look like a lot of fun! You are such a good all grown up fellow!

  9. What an adorable puppy. The shot of the little one curled inside the big one was my favorite.

    I’m so sorry to hear of Ludo’s cancer. Glad your vet has hopes he will recover after surgery. Our prayers are with you. Sadly our news was not as good with Bailey’s Lymphoma diagnosis. However, for the moment he is doing better than predicted.

  10. we are sorry to see the picture of Ludo in the cone of shame. We have been away from blogging fur a while. We hope his ouchie gets better soon.

    The little Sheltie pup is so cute! Brings back so many memories!

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